Papal Abdication

  Quickbeam 09:32 12 Feb 2013

The religious implications of this don't matter a jot me me, and many millions more. But I see that the favourites include African and South American candidates, both being hugely over populated poor continents.

I wonder if either of these were to succeed, a new enlightenment towards sheath contraception on health grounds, and the obvious acceptance of the side effect of birth control can be at all contemplated within the Church of Rome for the 21st century and beyond?

Or will they continue with the medieval head in the sand approach?

  john bunyan 10:44 12 Feb 2013

The recent bunch of Cardinals, appointed by Benedict, are all of his, and his predecessors ilk - very conservative, so they are likely to elect another of that type, regrettably. I imagine the vast majority of Catholics , certainly in Europe but unfortunately not in Africa,practice birth control in spite of the Pope's objections and priests simply ignore their "sins".It seems ridiculous to me (as a non catholic)that the hierarchy are so stuck in the past on birth control, married priests (unless poached from the C of E), and women priests, never mind same sex marriage. No wonder church attendances are falling.

  Forum Editor 10:56 12 Feb 2013

"But I see that the favourites include African and South American candidates, both being hugely over populated poor continents."

Africa definitely has a population and poverty problem. South America has a good deal of poverty, but it's actually fifth in the population table, coming below Africa, Asia, North America and Europe. The population of Europe is almost double that of South America.

I have no idea what position a new Pope might take with regard to contraception, but I'll guarantee that it will be nowhere near the liberal attitude that millions of Catholics might want.

  Quickbeam 11:04 12 Feb 2013

Let me rephrase to read, "both continents have huge numbers of their population living in dire poverty".

I suppose that's why I'm not a professional writer and you are.

  Quickbeam 11:09 12 Feb 2013

Younger than 70?

  Aitchbee 11:42 12 Feb 2013
  john bunyan 11:44 12 Feb 2013

"Younger than 60 maybe"

No chance; an organisation, the top of which is dominated by old men in frocks, who do not allow women priests or married priests, will elect one of their kind. I wonder what would happen in the unlikely event of a vote by their flock? Again no chance. You only have to look at the history of cover ups, the Magdalene Laundries to see how out of date they are.

  Aitchbee 11:54 12 Feb 2013

... Father Dougal Maguire [of Craggy Island], Bono & Richard Dawkins are all outsiders ... but a Scottish Pope is looking a good bet at double carpets! [33/1].

  Quickbeam 12:15 12 Feb 2013


That's a sin...

  Aitchbee 12:54 12 Feb 2013

I think that there MUST be [now] many 'youngish' Cardinals who have a modern approach to everyday life which encompasses 'family planning methods', who are 'at this moment in time' regarded as conservative in their outlook[s], but may, if elected as Pope next month, turn out to be ... a Godsend [for the Catholic Church], with liberating policies on sexual health and contraception, and so influence many millions of people, for the betterment of mankind.

  fourm member 13:21 12 Feb 2013

I had a chuckle, yesterday. I don't know if it was coincidence or quick thinking by the producer but Jeremy Vine's Radio2 programme started with KC and the Sunshine Band's 'Give it up'.

That's about the only thing that has had me smiling, mind.

There's a lot of double standards going on. I've heard, on various programmes; that abortion is always murder, that child abuse by clergy was a minor problem that's all sorted out, that the question of women priests is settled and will never be brought up again, that more people go to church than vote and that's without all the hate-filled homophobia.

These days, we're used to Christians responding to criticism or mockery by saying 'You wouldn't dare say that about Islam'.

But it works the other way. If Muslims had been talking about, say, why cutting off hands is a fair punishment, or why a raped wife should be executed for adultery there would be outrage. So, why can Catholics get away with spreading hate and lies?

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