Panasonic Lumix G6 and (physical) noise

  exdragon 19:32 06 Aug 2013

Hi - I know there are keen photographers out there, so do any of you have this camera? Mine has a noise which sounds a bit like a lens hunting for focus, even when I've selected the single focus option.

I'm new to Panasonic, so am not sure if this is a fault or not. If I can ascertain if any others have the same thing, I can take it back to be checked.


  Quickbeam 19:47 06 Aug 2013

What lens are you using? I have the 14mm & 45mm primes which are silent for video use, and I flogged the fast 20mm lens because that caused noise on video capture.

Check the Panasonic site here.

  exdragon 19:57 06 Aug 2013

I've got the 14-140mm but haven't used it for videos.

  Quickbeam 20:02 06 Aug 2013

Try shooting a minute of video capture and have it focus near and far, and then see if it's picked any noise up on playback.

  Quickbeam 20:16 06 Aug 2013

They do two with that range. The pretty expensive H-FS14140E and the even more damned expensive H-VS014140E that specifies silent video operation.

  Quickbeam 20:25 06 Aug 2013

"...even when I've selected the single focus option."

It still needs to find it's focus point, if it's in a low light condition, it will hunt a bit. My 45mm has just done that in the dusk in single focus mode, but focuses instantly with the lights on.

  exdragon 21:18 06 Aug 2013

I'll give the video a go tomorrow, it's a bit dark now. The lens is the H-FS one and the noise is even there in broad daylight. I haven't experienced this with the Nikon D300 or Sony RX100.

You realise you're my guru now, don't you?

  exdragon 08:24 07 Aug 2013

I found this on the panasonic website, so perhaps it's normal:

*When the camera is off I can hear a rattle inside the camera, is this normal? Yes, the noise you can hear when the camera is switched off is part of the lens unit. It makes this noise due to the image stabilisation function on the camera. The way in which the image stabiliser works is that part of the lens is mounted on runners. When the unit is powered on, there are coils which create a magnetic field. The magnetic field then holds this lens piece still and moves it to counteract hand shake when taking a picture. When the power is off, there is no magnetic field so the lens piece can move freely. This is not a fault with the camera and will not effect it's operation.*

  Quickbeam 08:46 07 Aug 2013

My 45mm does it too, but I'd never given it any thought! The 14mm doesn't have IS.

Sorted then.

  exdragon 15:23 07 Aug 2013

Someone on the G6 forum said that the 14-140 new lens is noisy, even with IS and continuous focus turned off, so I'll stop worrying. Going to polo tomorrow afternoon, so should have a chance to use all the bells and whistles...if I can remember where they are! As you may have gathered, it's a very recent acquisition.

  wiz-king 17:05 07 Aug 2013

WoW! Taking pictures while playing polo - that's better horse control than I have. I have trouble striking with the mallet while trying to control a horse. grin

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