Pakistans floods

  Covergirl 12:45 05 Aug 2010

The scale of these floods certainly put last years Cumbrian floods into perspective.

I don't know where to start sympathising with them, but they have certainly had it bad over there.

Considering the Governments current "economising", I wondered where they got £10m from to give as aid - do we have a fund somewhere for this, or have they laid off a couple of MPs to offset the cost?

  Pine Man 12:57 05 Aug 2010

'I wondered where they got £10m from to give as aid - do we have a fund somewhere for this,'

Yes the fund is the British Economy!

The big question is who needs it most -Pakistan or us?

  jakimo 13:14 05 Aug 2010

Its normal practise for goverments to have a National|International Contingency Fund

  Al94 13:21 05 Aug 2010

Practical help is usually more use than money at this stage, for example click here

  spuds 13:26 05 Aug 2010

Whats £10m in humanitarian aid, when there is a whole load more being spent on other governments wars and internal problems.

  sunnystaines 13:44 05 Aug 2010

the SWAT valley that is flooded is where the pakistani taliban assisted by pakistani ISI Govt military are training and helping the afghan taliban kill british and USA military yet its these countries that are donating aid when they cannot afford too. nothing from moslem countries do we have our priority right.

  Pine Man 16:00 05 Aug 2010

'I really hope no one is in any doubt about the answer.'

Ask the question - I think you will be surprised.

  Pine Man 16:02 05 Aug 2010 have one from Midgetninja and a hint from sunnystaines!

  Pine Man 16:38 05 Aug 2010

To millions of people on, and below, the bread line the issue is nothing like as clear cut as you would like to think.

Be prepared to be appalled.

  folsom 17:18 05 Aug 2010

I am appalled that forum member thinks as he does.

  sunnystaines 18:27 05 Aug 2010

we need something in return from pakistan, like stopping the ISI training the taliban.

had this disaster been anyware else I would be for giving aid but to a two faced country that has one face greeting us and the other behind our back assisting the taliban to kill our troops angers me.

sorry if it sounds harsh thats just me.

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