Paint fumes & Onions?

  Blackhat 11:55 12 Feb 2012

Having painted kitchen interior woodwork the fumes are unbearable, the best looking remedy I have come across is the Onion idea. get rid of paint fumes

My problem is that I cannot stand the smell of onions, any other suggestions welcome.

  Aitchbee 12:11 12 Feb 2012

if you can't stand the smells, why don't you open your kitchen window, close your kitchen door, and eat out for a couple of days. Or, if you have got a microwave and a kettle, then move them to another room, if possible.

  john bunyan 12:28 12 Feb 2012

Blackchat.. I thought that these days a lot of paint is water based. Too late for your kitchen, but was the paint you used water or solvent based? In the "good old days" I remember lead based paints thinned with linseed oil, and can, in my memory, smell them still! All you can do now is to run a fan and slightly open the window.

  birdface 12:32 12 Feb 2012

A saucer with Vinegar in it left overnight does the trick and gets rid of paint fumes.

  Blackhat 13:01 12 Feb 2012

I wasn’t aware of water based paint for wood!

Fried bacon sandwich has made a great improvement but won’t last long, might try the vinegar overnight.

  john bunyan 14:19 12 Feb 2012

Re Water based. I believe even car paint is now becoming water based. Have a look at Dulux for their list for house paints: - other makers are similar

  Forum Editor 15:25 12 Feb 2012

"I wasn’t aware of water based paint for wood!"

Legislation was introduced in 2007 to place strict (reduced)limits on the amount of solvent used in paint manufacture, and at the beginning of 2010 those limits were reduced even further.

The paint industry has reacted accordingly, and most paint manufacturers are making only water based versions for the retail market. The vast majority of Dulux paints, for example, are now entirely water based, and before long you won't find any solvent-based paints on sale anywhere.

  wiz-king 16:59 12 Feb 2012

tip no 1..... Too late now -- stop using old paint tins from the shed and buy some new!

tip No 2..... Don't use polyurethane varnish at the same time - the two smells combined are worse.

  birdface 18:32 12 Feb 2012

I should have said if a big kitchen use 2 saucers,If you painted today the smell of paint would probably be gone by the morning.No need to overfill the plate just about quarter inch at the bottom of it.

same with bedrooms.1 saucer for a small room and 2 for a large room.

  Blackhat 19:23 12 Feb 2012

*wiz-king * Bought paint last week, large retailer, didn't see any waterbased options.

  Condom 19:57 12 Feb 2012

Having just finished redecorating my study using water based paints I'm afraid that I found the smell of the new stuff just as bad if not worse that the old oil based paints. I think it also takes about a week before the smell from repainted radiators vanishes completely. Brush cleaning is a dawdle but I've given up on the little sponge rollers as cleaning them is still a nightmare.

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