ella33 19:54 22 May 2010

It is Pacman's 30th birthday today! There is still time to go to google front page and have a free game!
click here
Just click on "Insert Coin" and you are away.
It doesn't seem long since Pacman first arrived

  rdave13 20:07 22 May 2010

Wish it had never arrived. Always detested the game.
Looking for another search engine.

  ella33 20:11 22 May 2010

Oh well, I don't suppose it will be there much longer! it isn't often that you get something free these days ;->

  rdave13 20:19 22 May 2010

Quite true. On this month's cover disc was one little freebie (ok, comes with all the usual bumf) called Aztecca. A rather simple game until you get to a certain stage.
At a lose end, waiting to go on shift, I installed it and got rather hooked.
Best program on the disc for me :)

  ronalddonald 00:52 23 May 2010

found it a little annoying when i saw it yesterday evening, could stop the sound effects, had to minimize the speaker control on the desktop. Could still here the noise effects if watched a video

  ella33 01:11 23 May 2010

I don't think I ever have the sound on when playing a game...even the cards flapping in Solitaire is annoying!

Going by the general response from here, other forums and people I know, I would say that people either like Pacman or they don't!

(I'm not sure if they realised on the google thread that you can actually play the game? Well it's tomorrow already and you still can!)

  ronalddonald 07:31 23 May 2010

When we were kids we found a way to make those machines think we had inserted money, we did this to the pacman machines.

we used to use the nylon streamer wire bend the top insert a couple of times and watch the credit go up and up on the machine then have as many games taking it turns so that everyone got a game.

Oh I'm glad iv'e got that of my chest a hidden secret for 30 years now or so.

yes i was a kid its funny i found a little annoying yet in my prime youth loved it.

  Big L 266 08:53 23 May 2010


I wasn't a real fan of Pacman,but my really old favourite game is 31 or 32 years old called 'Asteroids' made by Atari(?). A small rocket ship appeared in the middle of the screen and you had to shoot the big asteroids into ever smaller and smaller pieces.A big spaceship would sometimes flash across the screen firing its rockets and you had to eliminate it before it got you.A smaller,louder,faster spaceship would also come across and that one was a little ****** to get!

I still play this game online and from the following link (I think in the USA) which is ad-free and bug-free.

click here

Even after 30-odd years,it still sounds the same and still as frustrating as ever! I'm going to play with my 'Asteroids' right now!

Big L 266

  Big L 266 08:56 23 May 2010


Ignore my link above. What I copied and pasted isn't what ended up on my thread above. In fact I've never even seen this website until now.

It should be at click here

Lets hope this one works.

Big L 266

  ella33 11:20 23 May 2010

Thanks, one of the links worked, it is proving popular. Frogger in particular.

rdave 13--thanks for that reminder too.

  peter99co 20:08 25 May 2010

To be expected I suppose. Some people expect us to believe they are so overworked dont they?

click here

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