P2P forum has vanished.

  octal 12:50 29 Sep 2005

Just noticed the P2P forum has vanished, too contentious I wonder? I didn't contribute anything, but it was getting a bit heated at times when I read it, so it’s understandable if that's the reason.

Please don't start a P2P debate, I'm just interested if anyone else noticed people getting a bit 'hot under the collar?' which is a shame, because I don't think that's what was intended when it was set up, I could be wrong.

  g0slp 13:02 29 Sep 2005

I was actually quite suprised that it was set up, due to the possibility of heated arguments etc about rights/wrongs of it.

(Bit like the row I had this week with one of my sons because I wouldn't allow P2P to be set up on our home computers, but I digress).

On the other hand, at least it kept such 'debates' away from the other areas; most of the time anyway ;-)

I too didn't contribute, but followed some threads with interest. ('twas good ammunition for the ban mentioned 2 paragraphs ago...)

  octal 13:17 29 Sep 2005

Hi Mark,

To answer your question from the other thread, everything is fine here thanks. I didn’t want to answer because it was someone else’s thread.

I actually enjoyed watching the debates, but some of the arguments were a bit irrational and people have got very fixed views on things like that and they don’t seem to understand, or maybe want to understand, others view points. This ended up in a few of the threads appearing to go around in circles with no conclusion.


  g0slp 14:15 29 Sep 2005

Hi Paul

Glad to hear all OK with you.

Yes, sometimes watching discussions is good 'spectator sport'...

Take care


  Totally-braindead 14:57 29 Sep 2005

I too didn't post in the P2P Forum, mainly because of the arguements, I did look though and read quite a few of the threads. I decided not to post because I didn't want to get involved in any arguement as I thought some of the postings were verging on the irrational.

  plsndrs3 17:00 29 Sep 2005

I did post from time to time and agree - the 2 camps [pros & cons] were poles apart and were never realistically going to agree with each other. However, from a personal perspective, it helped me understand a little more about the opposing view [I am a Con in case you wondered] and I think that it was well worth setting up.

I have seen previous strings get VERY personal, FE having to step on people's toes to keep things orderly and strings being pulled. Although there was heated discussion onj that forum and a couple of gentle warnings, I think all went well.

Was a final decision arrived at? No, but then we can all understand why not just a little more now.

That's my opinion anyhow :o)



  octal 17:51 29 Sep 2005

"Poles apart" is a very good description, I couldn't have put it better myself. It was interesting from my point, having no real interest in P2P because it was like sitting outside the box looking in and being able to see both points of view from a neutral position.

  stalion 18:23 29 Sep 2005

it was removed because there is so much you can say about the subject and the F.E. decided it was the end of the road

  octal 19:04 29 Sep 2005

As I said earlier, understandable.

Now ticked.

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