P C A Magazine print quality

  fullyfitted 20:01 16 Feb 2005

A while ago I along with a number of other members took P C A to task over the magazine print quality.

I know I am getting older and the eyes are not getting any better but again I find it difficult to read some articles because of the back ground colour.

For instance in the March edition
page 10, "the waiting game"

Page 13 "The star letter"
Page 30 and 31 "Trading Standards says" and "the code of practice"
Other articles such as the MCE extender on page 102 use similar colours are no bother.
Is in only me or is anyone else struggling?

  csqwared 20:19 16 Feb 2005

Yes, from a personal point of view I'ld much rather have "white out" or "black on" text when on a dark coloured/shaded background rather than text of a slightly darker colour than the background, but other than that I have no problems, most of the magazine seems to do the above.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:35 16 Feb 2005

I have no problems as well and there seems to be a trend for printing on coloured backgrounds. 'Print quality' and 'print style' are two different things ;-)))


  Al94 21:35 16 Feb 2005

I agree with fullyfitted, not a comfortable read!

  fullyfitted 21:39 16 Feb 2005

Looks like I need another visit to Specsave.
Thanks for your comments
Still think its a great magazine despite the whinge

  1911 01:17 18 Feb 2005

why print on coloured pages. Are we supposed to be attracted by the pretty colours. oooh I must do the potty.

  Kodan 04:49 18 Feb 2005

P C A is a serious magazine, and should reject any inclination to emulate Smash Hits, or Seventeen. I don't even approve of white letters on a black background, as the ink bleeds and reduces the resolution, making the article hard to read.

Think of some other way to be arty-farty, please, my old eyes hate stuff like teal letters on a burnt sienna background, lime on blue, etc etc...

  wiz-king 05:39 18 Feb 2005

All the jounals have been taken over by 'designers', my copy of Chemistry World looks more like a copy of the Beano each month, pictures are cheaper than words. At least it doesnt print the text with a background colour--yet!

  Dan the Confused 20:15 18 Feb 2005

Well they must be doing something right. I've just got back from the Co-Op and noticed on the magazine stand was a single one mag stand with 'We recommend...' on it. And guess which mag it was? Yup, PCA of course! :)

  Kate B 01:34 23 Feb 2005

Designers and journalists are not always happy mixing ... I can't count the number of times I've had discussions with designers about beautifully laid out pages that unfortunately don't have enough room for half a story or that are simply unreadable ...

  steve263000 10:44 23 Feb 2005

Like many others in this discussion, I have a lot of difficulty reading some of the articles. A recent one had a blue background, with blue writing! They must think we all have x-ray eyes. Many of the readers of this and like mags, are getting a bit older. These are serious mags, and are read for information. For goodness sake why cannot they just make them easier to read. I did notice that there has been not response from the F.E. on this. How about some explanation of these dreadful colour schemes they come up with.

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