Over 70 Renew Driving Licence Application.

  proudfoot 14:31 06 May 2011

Has anyone applied to renew their driving licence upon reaching 70. when I received the form there was a link to apply and fill the line on-line. The form indicated that if you gave your passport number that the photograph would be obtained from your passport. I did this but a few days later received a form to affix a passport style photo and signiture. In my experience completing forms on-line is to enable a reduction in the time for the organisation to issue the necessary documents etc., in this case my driving licence. Having to complete a further form with the time for the document to go through the postal system certainly did not achieve this. Completing on-line was a complete waste of my time and effort. Had I realised I would have completed the original application by post.

  birdface 09:57 08 May 2011

st-clares. [I am not likely to want to drive any thing other than a car,]

Funny you should say that as my wife say's I should not even be driving a car, And although she has never passed a test she has gained all her driving experience sitting in the back seat.

  knockin on 10:15 08 May 2011

I have just completed my application online and am awaiting the result. I found the information ambiguous, as they state clearly that you will need a new photograph when you reach 70 yrs. They also say you will not need it if they can copy the photograph on your passport.(by giving permission and your passport number). They also suggest that this may fail if they cannot obtain a good enough(?)copy from your passport records. Thank goodness what they said thirty years ago was true.... Computers will make our lives much simpler. When will that be then?

  T0SH 22:20 10 May 2011

My application form for a new licence at age 70, dropped through letter box last Friday I filled in the form and attached a recent colour photo one of 4 left over from my recent passport renewal even though my passport is electronically readable

Just after I had folded up the form and my existing driving licence in while looking the return envelope I noticed the single sheet that stated in the headline

"Get your driving licence back quickly!"

So I quickly followed the link and duly stepped through the process filling in the form and sending it off

I sat there thinking that was not so hard was it only to be met by another screen announcing

"In order to complete your application,DVLA require you to do one more thing"

which in summary is to fill in the very same form that I had already filled in and enclose my existing licence document and post it to them

Now I ask you is this a quick online method ?

No doubt this scheme was thought up by a senior management committee consisting of multiple persons all getting paid telephone number salarys ably supported by a few well paid personal assistants to boot

In my opinion they should all be sacked for gross incompetance and have their final wages docked to help cover the costs of printing the apply online fly sheets

Cheers HC

  proudfoot 12:41 11 May 2011

This was the point of my original post on this site. I have noticed since completing on line there is a note at the top of the postal application form to submit a photo if you still have the paper version which I have. As Tosh states it would be useful for this to be on the web application pages. I have a recent colour photo on my passport so why the couldn't use that.

  knockin on 19:41 14 May 2011

st-clares Just to follow up on my post of 8th May: I have not sent a photo, despite being told I would need one if renewing at 70(which I was. The form also said that they may be able to take a photograph from the passport office records, so I went for that option. I submitted my application on line; gave them my passport number and received my new licence on Friday 13th - 5 days. It seems that, in my case, the passport photograph was available to the DVLA. Maybe, for some reason, they had a problem obtaining yours. Regards

  T0SH 11:01 15 May 2011

I must admit I did not see note on the application form about the need to send a photo if you have an older paper licence ?

But what it does say on the "Get your licence licence back quickly" fly sheet is, "If you have a photocard licence and need to renew your photo you will NOT be able to apply online", with no reference to the old paper licence ?

It does however say very clearly on the the form they send to after you do the online thing, that even though you provide then with details of a current electronically readable passport you will still need to send them a passport type photograph ?

So I think maybe the moral of the story is that in 99% of cases for people approaching their 70th birthday online applications are a total waste of your effort

Cheers HC

  anchor 15:36 06 May 2011

I recall that I had to fill in a form send a new photo when renewing at the age of 70.

However, following the loss of my driving licence last summer, I did it all on line, paid a fee, and the new one arrived within a few days.

  morddwyd 16:48 06 May 2011

It happens sometimes.

Had no problem with my licence, but I've just had my Blue Badge renewal sent back for the same reason, even though two previous renewals used a library photo.

  BT 17:01 06 May 2011

The form indicated that if you gave your passport number that the photograph would be obtained from your passport

Had a similar situation when submitting an application for a new license for a change of address. Although they said they could retrieve it from my Passport details if I had a digital passport, I still had to send in a new Photo, so it seems a bit superfluous to me for them to say this. Interesting thing is they still require a COLOUR photo but reproduce it on your license in Black and White. The explanation is that he picture is burnt onto the license with a laser which isn't capable of doing it in colour. Still I suppose its probably not possible to get B&W Passport pictures any more as the Passport people want them in colour anyway.

  wellshgit 20:00 06 May 2011

Renewed mine online without any problems. As my photograph does not need renewing until next year there was no problem.

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