Over 70 Renew Driving Licence Application.

  proudfoot 14:31 06 May 2011

Has anyone applied to renew their driving licence upon reaching 70. when I received the form there was a link to apply and fill the line on-line. The form indicated that if you gave your passport number that the photograph would be obtained from your passport. I did this but a few days later received a form to affix a passport style photo and signiture. In my experience completing forms on-line is to enable a reduction in the time for the organisation to issue the necessary documents etc., in this case my driving licence. Having to complete a further form with the time for the document to go through the postal system certainly did not achieve this. Completing on-line was a complete waste of my time and effort. Had I realised I would have completed the original application by post.

  anchor 15:36 06 May 2011

I recall that I had to fill in a form send a new photo when renewing at the age of 70.

However, following the loss of my driving licence last summer, I did it all on line, paid a fee, and the new one arrived within a few days.

  morddwyd 16:48 06 May 2011

It happens sometimes.

Had no problem with my licence, but I've just had my Blue Badge renewal sent back for the same reason, even though two previous renewals used a library photo.

  BT 17:01 06 May 2011

The form indicated that if you gave your passport number that the photograph would be obtained from your passport

Had a similar situation when submitting an application for a new license for a change of address. Although they said they could retrieve it from my Passport details if I had a digital passport, I still had to send in a new Photo, so it seems a bit superfluous to me for them to say this. Interesting thing is they still require a COLOUR photo but reproduce it on your license in Black and White. The explanation is that he picture is burnt onto the license with a laser which isn't capable of doing it in colour. Still I suppose its probably not possible to get B&W Passport pictures any more as the Passport people want them in colour anyway.

  wellshgit 20:00 06 May 2011

Renewed mine online without any problems. As my photograph does not need renewing until next year there was no problem.

  sunnystaines 21:43 06 May 2011

glad i still have the old paper green D/L

  birdface 23:21 06 May 2011

I never had a passport so had to send a photo and received my new licence about 4 days later it was that quick.Plus it was free.

  john bunyan 23:44 06 May 2011

Dont forget that if you do not have a medical you are restricted to a max vehicle weight of , I think, 2.5 tonnes when you reach 70.Ikeep my old max 8 tonne licence but the medical is £100!

  BT 08:50 07 May 2011


glad i still have the old paper green D/L

You still get a green paper one with the plastic card one. The instructions are that they should be kept together, and in some cases you will need to show the paper one too. Seems like a bit of overkill to me. I'm sure that endorsements and the like could be incorporated into the plastic card without having to have a bit of paper as well.

  Quickbeam 09:04 07 May 2011

john bunyan Be aware that if you use your licence for commercial gain you will soon also need the driver CPC for anything over 3.5T to keep it valid. This will cost in region of £800/1000 which may make it non-viable to bother retaining.

Driver CPC

  proudfoot 12:10 07 May 2011

I am aware of the restrictions when you reach 70. I am not likely to want to drive any thing other than a car, my existing licence was for everything other than a milk float? a track laying vehicle and large lorrys.

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