ronalddonald 17:42 24 Jun 2010

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NHS boss awarded for outbreak of superbug

  Joseph Kerr 17:52 24 Jun 2010

c dif and other so called superbugs are anything but, because they affect ill poeple who's defences are compromised - and compromised further for being around other ill people. Thats why we dont hear of them in the wider community.

  Forum Editor 17:55 24 Jun 2010

I'm obviously missing something here - what exactly has this person done that is so wrong?

  ronalddonald 18:00 24 Jun 2010

Ms Gibb left her £150,000-a-year chief executive post in October 2007, days before a highly critical report highlighted problems with overcrowded and dirty wards.

  ronalddonald 18:02 24 Jun 2010

I guess should could stand and face the music

  Kevscar1 08:44 25 Jun 2010

fourm member
She was the person in charge. This all happened when she held ultimate responsibily for each and every patients care. The practices, nursing and cleaning methods carried out in that hospital where her responsibility and if she didn't ensure that these were done correctly there is no way she should get any compensation and if she hadn't know that why did she resign days before the report was piublished.

  HondaMan 08:59 25 Jun 2010

Read the article. "been awarded more than £190,000 in damages".

She claimed because they shafted her over her severance pay. "Because she left by mutual agreement, Ms Gibb was in line for a £250,000 severance package, which included £174,573 compensation and £75,427 notice pay". "The trust negotiated a £250,000 pay-off, but £175,000 was withheld"

Even though she may have been at fault, her contract gave her certain rights in law. It was the Trust's breach of those rights which gave her the basis of a claim. Like many others in public service, she saw the writing on the wall and jumped before she was pushed. That is what needs changing. People should not be allowed to resign to avoid the consequence of their (in)actions. The police are another prime example. There are several cases of often quite senior officers leaving before they are fired to keep their pensions. This government should stop that. If payment has been made or the benefits are already being received they should be reclaimed or stopped

  ronalddonald 10:07 25 Jun 2010

Deflecting criticism i thought part of her role is to tackle criticism not reject it and improve hospital environments not allow them to get out of hand.

I believe the Judge was not presented with the complete facts, which quite often happens, in appeal cases concerning the NHS.

  ronalddonald 10:08 25 Jun 2010

I would presume gibbs had the right qualifications to do the job, so why didn't she in the first place.

  Kevscar1 11:38 25 Jun 2010

fourm member
No I'm talking about the responsibility she had and her neglect of her duty of that positin. because of that she jumped ship to make sure she got a big payout and could walk into a similarily high paid job.
Don't try and tell me she would have left if she knew she had done nothing wrong.

  Kevscar1 14:15 25 Jun 2010

So if she had done nothing wrong there was no reason to jump ship. Despite what the judge may have said, and I doubt you have any higher opinion of some of our judges than I have she must have known she had done something wrong or she wouldn't have resigned. Would you if you were completely innocent of anything.

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