Out of curiosity What was your first PC?

  martd7 16:51 13 Apr 2016

Curious to know how everyone got started and mainly what was your first PC,not meaning Atari,commodore etc as in 386? 486 and so on

My first PC was a Pentium 90,with vesa graphics card and adlib soundcard,20gb hard drive and 256mb ram I think, I was using it for music creation and games,think it was magic carpet and syndicate,around 1984 I would say

  Aitchbee 21:19 14 Apr 2016

My first PC was a Pentium II, 4.3gb HD, 2 x 16mb ram memory with w95 installed which I found in a refuse skip 2000 ... the first of many [lucky finds]

The following year I did a troubleshooting computing course at Stowe College in Glasgow as a mature 40-something student to learn the basics of PC's.

Also still own an Amiga 1000 from 1985.

  Aitchbee 21:35 14 Apr 2016

... I'm not just a pretty face!

  canarieslover 22:08 15 Apr 2016

I'm sitting here diluting my whisky with tears as I read the invoice for our 1st proper PC after seven years of various Spectrum(Spectra?). For the princely sum of £951.05, in September 1990, with VAT at only 10%, Dan Technology, a well respected system builder at the time, supplied a 20mhz 286 with 1Mb of ram, 40Mb hard drive, 12" mono monitor, 3 1/2 and 5 1/4 drives, a mouse and DOS 4.01 with GW basic. With inflation and VAT at 20% it must equate to at least £2500 nowadays, what power I could buy with that. I don't begrudge it as my son was just starting university and it proved very useful, with various upgrades, until he finished with a Phys/Chem Doctorate five years later.

  Sapins 10:59 16 Apr 2016

Our first computer was from Gateway, can't remember the details, but soon after setting it up we got our first, and thank goodness the only virus, the Kakworm. What a panic, quickly learnt how to get rid of it.

What an exciting time it was, got hooked then and we still are.

  caccy 19:08 16 Apr 2016

2nd hand Olivetti 286 with 10Mb hard drive, DOS 3.3. A new 10Mb hard drive would have cost £100.00

  Bazzaman 15:59 17 Apr 2016

Mine was a Dell 286 bought in 1988.

Had 40MB HDD with 640k memory. DOS 3.3. Taxan colour monitor.

The basic PC (including the monitor) cost £1899 + VAT (of 15% at the time).

DOS was an extra £65 + VAT.

As I wanted to run Oracle on it, I also purchased an extra 1MB of memory (that is 1MB not 1GB). That cost a whopping £490 + VAT (how times have changed).

  Old Deuteronomy 20:33 17 Apr 2016

As I wanted to run Oracle on it, I also purchased an extra 1MB of memory (that is 1MB not 1GB). That cost a whopping £490 + VAT (how times have changed).

They certainly have changed. 16GB (8x2) of Crucial DDR3 1600MHz RAM, for my current motherboard, costs just £56.39 inc VAT!

  HondaMan 09:19 20 Apr 2016

BBC 'B'; Tandon 386 SX; Evesham 486 DX; Custom 486 DX; Homebuilt; Mesh; Apple iMac 4GHZ

  Border View 14:56 23 Apr 2016

I bought my first computer in 2000 from Evesham and it cost about £1900. It did come with a Lexmark printer and a Bearpaw digital camera. It also came with Cambridge four speaker with Sub-woofer sound system. Fantastic amount of software on it. Pity it kept crashing and had free Technical help at home. He only had to come out about six times. Replaced all sorts of parts on it. When it worked it was excellent.

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