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Out of curiosity What was your first PC?

  martd7 16:51 13 Apr 2016

Curious to know how everyone got started and mainly what was your first PC,not meaning Atari,commodore etc as in 386? 486 and so on

My first PC was a Pentium 90,with vesa graphics card and adlib soundcard,20gb hard drive and 256mb ram I think, I was using it for music creation and games,think it was magic carpet and syndicate,around 1984 I would say

  dagbladet 17:19 13 Apr 2016

Sometime around 1999/2000 (I think) having reluctantly accepted that I wouldn't progress at work because I couldn't drive a computer I was given an old one from my brother's office to practice with. At this stage I literally didn't know how to write a word doc. If I made a spelling mistake I opened a new doc and started again. Shortly after, I went to Tesco to buy some doughnuts and returned with a Packard Bell Imedia package. I've no idea of the specs. Maybe 256mb RAM, 20gb HDD, onboard graphics, 2 little speakers that hung on the side of the CRT monitor. Pre-loaded XP. I think it cost £749 which seemed a bargain. I learnt a lot from that (and my brother's old office one). I still have it set up in the loft with an old F1 racing game with steering wheel and pedals. My now grown up son and I occassionally go up there and have a play on it.

  BT 17:33 13 Apr 2016

Not counting Spectrums, SAM etc our first home PC was an Olivetti 286 running DOS. First Computer used at work was a Commodore PET with a separate twin disc 5 1/4" disc drive used for inputting test results which were saved to the drive and printed out once a week on a line printer. Started a new disc every Monday morning.

  wee eddie 17:35 13 Apr 2016

Spectrum, then BBC 'B'

  wee eddie 17:54 13 Apr 2016

Then upgraded to an Apricot. It died and I got the latest thing. Again an Apricot but portable withtwin floppy drives and, I think, a 40MB Hard Drive

  martd7 18:28 13 Apr 2016


Strangely enough a friend of mine has that same pc with the steering wheel and pedals,he doesn't use it,it is in a cupboard packed up

  Pine Man 18:56 13 Apr 2016

Sinclair ZX81 - Spectrum - Amiga 500 - Pentium 90 then bigger, and not necessarily better, Windows PCs until two years ago when I got an iMac. My only connection to Microsoft now is MS Office.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:30 13 Apr 2016

I started off in the autumn of 1999, with a machine from Gateway. They had a handy showroom in Bristol where I could have a good look at what they had to offer, think about spec relative to budget and have a play, all unmolested until I wanted help. I didn't know an awful lot in those days.

I ended up with a Pentium III @ 450MHz, 128MB RAM, a 3DFX Voodoo 3 3000 and a huge 6.7GB HDD. Marvellously quick compared to anything I had used before.

  AroundAgain 20:51 13 Apr 2016

I can't remember my first PC but I do know the Operating System was Win 3.11. Soon after that PC I got one from Gateway 2000 which I felt was brilliant. I have no idea of what spec any of my early PC's had ;)

  bumpkin 20:52 13 Apr 2016

Whatever it was they were all amazing at the time, a bit like my first colour TV, a hideous great thing with a nearly round CRT with a diabolical picture.

  martd7 21:48 13 Apr 2016

Bad typo by myself in my post it should be 1994 not 1984

Old Deuteronomy,I too few years later had the voodoo 3dfx card by creative labs I remember playing the enhanced version of Tomb raider

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