our roads are a joke even before winter bites

  KEITH 1955 15:10 19 Nov 2018

3 years ago I bought a brand new fiesta black and red , its the first car I have owned with "thin" tyres and sadly it will be the last. Their is nothing wrong with the car its a 1 litre eco boost that I nick name pocket rocket.

I only use it for work or short trips as we put the miles on my wifes car when we go on holiday. In 3 years I have only done 7,300 miles but our local roads are killing my car. Pot holes seem to appear overnight so in the dark you get a shock when you hit a new one for the first time. On one occasion I hit a new hole so hard I remember thinking how did I hit that without my wheel breaking. On my latest service 2 of my wheel hubs were shown to have small dents in them and tiny cracks in 2 of them , still waiting to be told if they are bad enough to fail the mot that is due in a few weeks.

I have seen lots of near miss accidents because drivers "remembered" at the last minute where the latest pothole is and they swerve to avoid them. I know 1 person who photographed a pothole on the day it appeared then photographed it after what he said was a reasonable time to have expected it to have been repaired. He also tried to make a claim for damage to his car and the council just said can you prove it was our hole that caused it !

  lotvic 17:00 19 Nov 2018

Drive slower or pay more tax...

  Forum Editor 17:38 19 Nov 2018

I agree that our suburban roads are generally in need of attention, but lotvic has the answer - we can have perfect roads if we are all prepared to pay more for them.

Local authorities are strapped for cash, there's no debate about they are trying to make a limited budget go a long way and when it comes making decisions to spend on education, social services, or road repairs what would you do?

In March of this year, the government announced that it was making more money available to local authorities for pothole repair, but there's a limited pot..... unless we all fancy paying higher council taxes to make up the difference.

  wee eddie 20:20 19 Nov 2018

Low Profile Tyres are pointless in any area that gets snow and/or ice, and the Wheel Rims get trashed by Potholes and Curbs.

Forget them

  Aitchbee 21:15 19 Nov 2018

but there's a limited pot

Lol, FE. I seen that one a mile away.

  bumpkin 21:24 19 Nov 2018

Why are roads not made from a material more substantial than tarmac like concrete. Is this an initial cost issue or are there other reasons.

  wee eddie 22:00 19 Nov 2018

For one thing. with concrete, you need to leave an expansion slot about every 10 yards. This slot, of course, needs to be filled with something softish. When it's hot, that bulges, when it's cold, it sinks.

So, every time your car goes over it you get a thump. At 60mph, that's 176 thumps a minute. They tried it in Essex in the 50's, it's a horrendous noise.

  qwbos 00:35 20 Nov 2018

I can remember driving down to London around 1973 and experiencing a concrete section somewhere on either the A1 or M1 - too long ago to remember. What I do remember , however, was the horrendous road noise. I was about to stop on the hard shoulder suspecting cooked wheel bearings when I realised it was the road surface.

The other problem with sectioned surfaces is droop between sections. A local dual carriageway's inside lanes are so bad even heavy vehicles bounce as they go over the joins.

On the limited pot subject, that's not strictly true. Just about everywhere I go, I see pavements composed of high cost slabs and/or blocks that have replaced old style 3 by 2 concrete slabs. The capital cost is greater, they cost more to lay and maintain, they're generally more uneven, and they're slippery when wet. Value for money practicality or some arty-farty urban landscape artists design concept?

Many local authorities have lost sight of who pays for their spending.

  oresome 08:11 20 Nov 2018

It's surprising how short a life some road resurfacing has.

A suburban road near me was completely resurfaced around 4 years ago, taking several weeks to complete with raised ironwork in the meantime. It's already a patchwork of holes and hastily dumped tarmac quick fixes.

It is on an incline, exposed to the north and adjacent to a field which no doubt contribute to it's short life.

Ironically it has had speed bumps installed and has recently had a 20mph speed limit imposed.

  Toneman 10:08 20 Nov 2018

Was recently driven along a section of M25, going to Folkestone, that was concrete with regular infills, really thought our hire vehicle had a problem till we left that concrete area...

  john bunyan 10:50 20 Nov 2018

How is it that Germany can use concrete on Autbhans where unlimited speeds are allowed?german concrete

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