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  jack 09:17 31 May 2008

Paul Trotter did a piece with Spencer Kelly this morning, about fee online IT help.
I noticed that he carefully stepped around mentioning the best most visited site.
I wonder why ;-}

  Taff™ 10:06 31 May 2008
  WhiteTruckMan 10:24 31 May 2008



  Earthsea 11:20 31 May 2008

I saw it on BBC Breakfast too, and was a little surprised that there was no mention of the PCA forums. It's not even mentioned on the Click page click here

Missed a trick there, I think.

  Forum Editor 11:24 31 May 2008

that Paul would have mentioned us if at the time he thought he could get away with it.

  jack 11:54 31 May 2008

Paul may well have mentioned this forum in the recording but- the Beeb and its ethics and editors can be pretty ruthless.
Have you not seen a CEO of a company in a live interview on a topic of a general business nature try to get his firms name in?
He is pretty quickly moved on.

  Earthsea 12:09 31 May 2008

Point taken, but having it as a Related Internet Link on the Click page would have been nice. This is a free site, after all.

  Forum Editor 12:23 31 May 2008

on several occasions, and have mentioned PCA each time. Not once has my plug been in the final transmission. You can do it on a live interview if you're quick, but not in a recording.

  interzone55 14:56 31 May 2008

You have to be careful with plugs, even on commercial TV, ITV were fined this month for letting Cilla Black plug her new web site several times too often during a "This Morning" interview with Fern & Phil

click here

My understanding is that if you're on TV to plug your latest book, record, wedding etc you can only do it in passing, and you cannot then be paid for that appearance.

ITV broke this unwritten rule last year when they were desperate to get "A list" guests for Nigella Lawson's program, so they paid all the guests substantial appearance fees, the show still bombed.

  Stuartli 16:34 31 May 2008

The BBC has always been hypocritical about advertising.

The long running BBC1 Holiday programme regularly use to feature the latest holiday bargains from travel companies, the Food and Drink show highlighted which wines to buy and even Come Dancing was sponsored at one time.

Match of the Day also places great emphasis both verbally and visually on the Barclays Premiership and E-On FA Cup sponsorship packages.

These are just some examples...:-)

  anskyber 16:42 31 May 2008

Spot on.

The BBC does seem to have a real ethical dilemma. The recent Chelsea Flower Show coverage was littered with references by the presenters to the CFS sponsored by....

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