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Our first 'Helproom angel of the year' award

  Forum Editor 18:02 22 Feb 2010

goes to VoG™ - someone who has provided friendly, expert advice in our Helproom for years.

We though it was about time that such devotion to duty was acknowledged publicly.

click here to read about it.

  Fermat's Theorem 23:18 23 Feb 2010

Without doubt, a forum member par excellence! His knowledge and expertise are matched only by the inevitable courtesy he displays.

Well done to you, VOG, and congratulations to you and to those who had the perspicacity to select you.

  OTT_B 01:04 24 Feb 2010

Well done VoG™ . Now perhaps you could answer the ultimate question? What does VoG stand for?!?!?

  Technotiger 11:45 24 Feb 2010

It's gotta be 'Voice of God', what other 'Trade Mark' would do!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 24 Feb 2010

Well Done and well deserved.

one day I'll be able to type and post a reply faster day.


  mammak 09:56 25 Feb 2010

Congratulations! Helped me through years, not only with Excel, but many computer related problems.
And I consider him a friend as well as a fellow forum member. Well done! X

  Pineman100 19:28 26 Feb 2010

The mighty VoG™ seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of computer-related matters, particularly of Microsoft Office.

I always read his responses to Excel questions, in the hope that I will - one day - understand one of them!

Congratulations and many thanks for all the times that you've got me out of trouble, VoG™!

  amonra 20:17 26 Feb 2010

I have been away on my travels too so I have only just spotted this thread. Well done VoG, well deserved. We need more like you.

  Border View 23:10 03 Mar 2010

Well done VoG. Over the moon for you.

Kind regards

  rawprawn 08:04 04 Mar 2010

I have only just seen this thread, but better late than never. Congratulations on a very well deserved award.You have helped me and many others to resolve many issues.

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