interzone55 22:34 27 Dec 2011

Gillingham winger Chris Whelpdale suffers split scrotum

I like the comment from his manager that he is "now a doubt for Friday's game"

  ton 22:40 27 Dec 2011

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooowe !!

  wiz-king 05:49 28 Dec 2011

Let him play goalie -- after all it's not as it it's rugby.

  Quickbeam 07:59 28 Dec 2011

I doubt that he'll be minded to go to the ballet while he's recovering, in case it reminds him of that cracking game of two halves...

  QuizMan 09:30 28 Dec 2011

Sorry, alan14, I am a complete woos and cannot bring myself to click on your link!

  STREETWORK 09:39 28 Dec 2011

Every time an advert on this site splits the page in two I'll think of this post...

  carver 10:25 28 Dec 2011

fourm member you must have never seen a split scrotum other wise you would know what he meant.

It's one of those injuries that when you see it happen you get the feeling you just want to wear one of these http://www.kickbacksports.co.uk/Products/Gray-Nicolls-Pro-Performance-Abdo-Guard-900388.aspx all the time.

  badgery 11:16 28 Dec 2011

I'm with fourm member on this.

The team 'boss' had already said it was a 'horrific' injury - and that was patently correct.

But when he follows up with "..it's disgusting.." then one has to ask what he actually meant. Does he mean how it happened, was it a purposeful foul? Or did he mean when he looked at the injury it was 'disgusting'?

If it was the second, as carver, seems to think, then I think that was an idiotic statement for that manager to make. If someone gets stabbed, does that become a 'disgusting' injury? No - serious, horrible, lifethreatening, but hardly disgusting.

  sunnystaines 10:06 29 Dec 2011

saw the heading thought it was about the headache chaity called "ouch"

but still had a good smile on reading the post

  dagbladet 18:09 29 Dec 2011

I was there when this happened. Chris didn't realize what had happened at first. He knew he'd been kicked in the 'nads, but just played on for a while. After a few minutes things just didn't feel right 'down there' so he had a quick look and realized all was very much not in order. As regards the manager's comments. It should be pointed out that during and in the immediate aftermath of the match, certain things had taken place (not the injury) which were a major distraction to Hess (the gaffer). It was during the immediate aftermath of this that the BBC thrust a microphone in his face and carried out the interview. Hess, a decent hard working family man would never lay claim to be a wordsmith and the "dumber" comments along with the apparent scrutiny of a misused word (disgusting) is a little over the top I think.

  Condom 18:18 29 Dec 2011

Having suffered from a similar injury many years ago reading this brought pack that sickly feeling I had then. The goalkeeper actually said he went for the ball but clearly couldn't count. We didn't even get a penalty out of it.

Anyway after the op there were no long term affects as my children can testify to but I did have to put up with the John Wayne jokes about getting off my horse to drink my milk for several weeks afterwards.

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