Noldi 18:05 07 Jan 2010

Bit steep but at least it might slow him down.

click here

Should be more cases like this, hit them where it hurts.


  Clapton is God 18:32 07 Jan 2010


To someone with his wealth??

Get real - it's peanuts

  Pineman100 18:40 07 Jan 2010

The idea of calculating a fine based on the accused's financial means is an interesting one.

There are those who would say that the only fair approach is for the same offence to carry the same fine, regardless of the wealth of the offender.

But others would argue that any fine should always represent the same percentage of the offender's wealth.

I find myself in favour of the latter, but I have a small suspicion that this view may be based on a feeling of jealousy of the rich.

  Wilham 19:18 07 Jan 2010

I suggest it's easier to have a fixed fine and the vehicle confiscated on a repeated offence.

  jack 20:01 07 Jan 2010

In my view.
Percentage fine and a hefty one at that
Vehicle confiscation
Removal of driving licence-
plainly not fit to drive and total disregard to safety of others.
Jail sentence to round it off.
This to apply in this country also
The sooner the better

  morddwyd 20:10 07 Jan 2010

"The idea of calculating a fine based on the accused's financial means is an interesting one"

And one that is widely used by the courts in the UK, whther the accused is an individual or a company.

For instance a professional footballer was recently fined £2600 for a drink driving first offence.

For most of us the fine would have been around £250-£500.

  interzone55 21:11 07 Jan 2010

I'd like to see a professional footballer who only earns 5-10x the average salary.

There was a story in the local press recently about a Mr El Hadji Diouf who regularly gets a takeaway pizza from San Carlo's in King St Manchester.

When he collects the pizza he always parks illegally in a nearby loading bay, and regularly collects a £80 parking ticket on his £330,000 McLaren Mercedes SLR.

What's an £80 fine to someone who can afford a car like that, it's clearly not a deterrent?

  lotvic 21:28 07 Jan 2010

I would have thought he'd get the pizza delivered.

  Noldi 19:07 08 Jan 2010

"Get real - it's peanuts"

I bet the gentleman concerned does not see it that why. If it was Peanuts then he will be doing again but I dont think so. But then maybe im not real.


  Chegs ®™ 16:50 11 Jan 2010

I was fined £5000 for breaching planning regulations,despite losing my job as a result of this fine(no longer deemed a "fit person" to hold a taxi-drivers licence)I was given the fine in 2002 & it will take me until at least 2017 to finish paying it. :(

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