Organised chaos versus a tidy mind?

  TopCat® 14:44 10 Dec 2008

How anyone can get things done efficiently and correctly working amid the clutter of these pictured workplaces is quite beyond me. click here

Are you guilty of organised chaos in your workplace and how on earth do you cope? TC.

  The Brigadier 14:50 10 Dec 2008

Used to be very untidy until my Wife decided enough was enough & we had a big tidy up!
Now daily i shred old paperwork going through a box at a time.
Only about 20 more to go!

  crosstrainer 14:54 10 Dec 2008

Was a compulsive organiser when running the business, and the same applies at home (usuall)

Just noticed that my main desk has 2 digital cameras, a book that needs wrapping for Christmas.

Time for a clear up!

  Si_L 14:56 10 Dec 2008

It would take me all afternoon to list the things on my desk.

  Stuartli 15:04 10 Dec 2008

Wish I could be as quick as that....:-(

  Cymro. 15:31 10 Dec 2008

I find it difficult enough to find anything as it is. If I was unorganised then I would never find anything. I suppose it must have something to do with how we are made, either you are naturally tidy or you are not. I don`t think anyone can change the way they are not without a lot of persuasion from someone, probably a spouse.

  spuds 16:23 10 Dec 2008

Use to be very organised, then became retired and rather mañana.

The thing that bugs me the most, is when I want something, know that I have it, cannot find it, go out and buy another, then find the original.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:33 10 Dec 2008

Use the "pyramid" filing system.

drop things on top of the pile.
If they reach the bottom or fall on the floor then I'm obviously not using it, its time to bin it.

  Shortstop 16:40 10 Dec 2008

Well, I consider myself very tidy & highly organised. Trouble is that I am so organised that I forget where I put things as there are various things that I could file something under.

Now, where's that USB stick with all my Important Programs? Did I file it with my other files needed to reinstall Windows on my pc, with my removable drives, in my 'I'll need it soon' box .......?



  Pineman100 17:24 10 Dec 2008

I never thought anyone could be more untidy than me, but those BBC pictures make my desk and shed look pristine!

  TopCat® 17:56 10 Dec 2008

Caterpillar technician my tools, spare parts and any relevant paperwork were always carried in a well organised order in my service van. It was impressed on us by my company that a customer's machine 'downtime' was a very important and expensive consideration, and with due diligence and speed we had to get it back working ASAP. The completed task(s) also carried my company's six month guarantee so they took a dim view of any failures through poor work on the part of their technicians. My company would have had to pay out compensation to the customer on any substantiated claim under that guarantee.

Now that I'm retired I have let my standards fall off a little. My garage, for instance, is not as tidy as it could be but I can still lay my hand on any tool I need. My main concern at this time of year is keeping the old car dry after each rainy day. I always leather it off each time, as a wet car in a closed up garage will soon start to rust up tools very quickly. A quick spray with WD40 is what the exposed tools get now until the next Spring cleanup.

My 'office' indoors is organised as I want it but the grandkids soon disrupt things when they're here on the computers. I've mellowed enough now not to get upset with them, but I still try to teach them about the advantages of tidiness! Along with other tips for a productive life. :o) TC.

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