ordering a brand new car to your spec

  KEITH 1955 14:00 09 Sep 2018

No doubt you will have seen films inside a car plants assembly line , have you notice the big sheet of paper fastened to the bodywork , this has the details of what the customer wants at every stage of the build.

now go to a companies web site and try and order your car to your required spec.

Choose the bodyshell , number of doors , paint colour , engine size , wheels , interior trim , optional extras.

I guarantee at some point you get told if you want a certain something you must change something else. I "built" a ford st line and everything was ok until I chose the 145 bhp engine , I was told I must change my choice of paint ????

I did the same with a mustang and was told I could not have brown leather seats with my choice of colour paint.

Don't get me wrong I am not having a go a ford these are just 2 examples , I have looked at other car makers sites and come up with the same problem.

What I don't understand is this , all the parts for a certain model of car are in the building and until the workers read the spec sheet they wont know what my car wants so why cant I have exactly what I want to pay for.

  Pine Man 16:53 09 Sep 2018

That happens with all the brands that I have purchased over the years. Most recently VW and I must confess I don't see it as a problem.

I only use web site confgurators as a guide and then sort out what I want and what I am prepared to pay for when face to face with the sales staff.

  Quickbeam 18:37 09 Sep 2018

I believe that BMW and equally high end manufacturers offer greater customisation. At a price though... a mass produced car will be much more limited to keep the costs down.

  HondaMan 19:33 09 Sep 2018

Don't have that problem with a Rolls-Royce! You can have what you want!

  bumpkin 20:57 09 Sep 2018

Don't have that problem with a Rolls-Royce!

Upgraded from your Honda then? :-)

  bumpkin 15:11 11 Sep 2018

Ferrari is the best.

Horrible cramped little things with a hard uncomfoftable ride. Made for show offs and boy racers.

  wee eddie 17:38 11 Sep 2018

Ferrari - You can specify any colour, so long as it is red!

  bumpkin 18:22 11 Sep 2018

A phallic sybol. In my case a smart car would be more appropriate:-)

  HondaMan 20:30 11 Sep 2018


years ago, about 2001 when I changed to Volvo. Now on my second C70 T5!

  bumpkin 21:34 11 Sep 2018

Now on my second C70 T5!

Never driven one but they look good as do the specs. I was thinking of a Volvo years ago for their safety and practibility but at the time they all looked like a big metal box with wheels on.

  Menzie 23:04 11 Sep 2018

There is a car configuration page at my Nissan dealer's website, however I just went there and asked what fully loaded car they had on the lot.

Mine has quite a bit of electronics however some handy stuff came the following year that mine does not have.

Goodies such as soft cabin lighting, lane departure warning and a 188HP engine came the following year.

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