Orange festival in Glasgows George square

  Ungus 11:33 03 Jun 2015

Thought i would mention that there is to be what the Orange lodge in Scotland call an Orange festival in Glasgow it is supposed to educate people into what nice people the lodge are. Being a progressive minded Scot i find this attempt to soften the image of this organisation quite baffling. Any orange event i have had to police whilst in the army in the 70s and any i have had the misfortune to come across in Scotland have been anti Catholic and intimidating to ordinary people. The only change in their attitude has been to target SNP politicians and supporters which i suppose is at least giving the Catholics and ordinary population a rest. This order is bigoted and a blight on modern Scotland and i find it hard to find any justification for Glasgow council to let it cast the horrible shadow of sectarianism on a wonderful city that produced one of the best and friendliest commonwealth games in a while, it will do untold damage to Glasgow and Scotland as the rest of the UK will look on in disbelief. However, we live in a democracy and at times bigotry is allowed to rear its ugly head.

  Belatucadrus 11:52 03 Jun 2015

Does make the way the thread title reads on the main page look a bit misleading.

Orange festival in Glasgows George square Started by Ungus

  john bunyan 14:44 03 Jun 2015

I agree that religious extreme marches are a nuisance, and cannot understand the Orange Order's obsession with them. In NI they verge on the provocative, and if the opposition tried it there would be riots. I cannot understand why one's religion is relevant, unless, of course, you let its views colour your political decisions.

BTW are Rangers and Celtic friendly with each other these days?

  Aitchbee 15:03 03 Jun 2015

are Rangers and Celtic friendly with each other these days?

Aye but Celtic are in a different league to Rangers - and vice-versa!

  morddwyd 15:54 03 Jun 2015

So a group of British people want to celebrate their Britishness by marching in a British city behind the British Union flag demonstrating their allegiance to the British Queen.


How dare they behave as though they had the same rights as homosexuals or or Muslims or trade unionists.

  Ungus 08:28 04 Jun 2015


I have no idea if you are a member of this organisation but if you are standing up for so called British values then targeting those of another faith mainly Catholics for abuse then British values is in serious trouble. There can be no excuse for any organisation to be seen and its members openly intimidating members of another faith. Having been brought up in a Scottish Catholic family [now sadly lapsed] i and members of my faith were constantly targeted by people from this organisation during the 60s and 70s in the marching season. If people feel British and think there is such a thing as British values they are entitled to celebrate it, but not to the exclusion and intimidation of others. I here the term British values and wonder if these are the same values that carried out the near genocide in the highlands that were referred to in soft terms as the highland clearances or the introduction of the Black and Tans in Ireland the brutal suppression of the call for independence in India and many other abuses. I do not believe there is such a thing as British values and i equally believe there is no such a thing as Scottish values there are only good values and these are generic to any democratic country across the world. In this country people are entitled to protest it is the price we pay for being democrats but if we allow the humiliation and intimidation of people from another faith without raising concern then not only is Scotland in trouble but so is the rest of the UK. However, the vast majority of Scots have very little time for this antiquated and out of touch with modern Scotland organisation and i am comforted by the fact that most regardless of their faith soundly reject its values.

  oresome 15:39 04 Jun 2015

Scots have very little time for this antiquated and out of touch with modern Scotland organisation and i am comforted by the fact that most regardless of their faith soundly reject its values.

Only by allowing this group to express it's views and exhibit it's values, providing they are within the law, are others able to form an opinion and produce counter arguments.

Surely better than driving them underground?

  john bunyan 19:07 04 Jun 2015

My main memory of Glasgow is going to the Mecca ballroom in Sauchihall Street on a Saturday night in very early '60's. Bouncers frisked you for hatchets and knives. We Sassenachs scored quite well as many local lads passed out if they had smuggled a dram or two in. Happy days; The Orange Order , hopefully, will be a damp squib.

  morddwyd 19:51 04 Jun 2015

"I have no idea if you are a member of this organisation "

No, I'm not and I abhor what they stand for, I don't think we even have an Orange Order in Wales, but spent my life defending their right, along with the others I mentioned and any other legally constituted group, to march in freedom.

"We don't like them, let's ban them" is a very slippery road.

  wee eddie 22:38 04 Jun 2015

Religious and Racial Intolerance are alive, well and endemic in the West Coast of Scotland. Rangers and Celtic are hotbeds of the same, regardless of the hypocritical words, in an attempt to play it down, put out by their Media Managers.

As a Taxi Driver I regularly see and experience it at its most virulent.

  Ungus 11:09 05 Jun 2015

I like the very vast majority in Scotland are very tolerant in fact Scotland Scotland needs some 20,000 immigrants a year to maintain and grow the economy as up until very recently we had a declining population. Marches and so called festivals of this nature bring out the very worst in people and is a throw back to a very nasty past especially in the Strathclyde area and West. Catholics have had a hard time during these years but now they are more included and far more engaged and to use a term of the tories "upwardly mobile" and much of the rise of the SNP is due to the Catholic vote moving from Labour. These marches and to be fair many pass off without incident as the numbers involved are so few plus most Scots do not want anything to do with it. The marches are designed to remind Catholics of the outdated notion of a protestant supremacy over them and very little to do with celebrating being British. If we are to encourage immigrants to live here in Scotland this sort of tribal nonsense does no good and is a throw back to a time when religion was at its most destructive. We have a big enough problem with drink up here and when you mix it with flag waving lunatics and religion it is a recipe for public disorder at a time when Scotland is moving into a period of change, tolerance and governance.

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