Tazfan 14:05 19 Apr 2006

With no warning (not heard anything on the Radio, seen anything in Papers, and had nothing with any Bills) Orange are now charging for delivery reports. Delivery reports are a good thing, but I wont use them now they are to be charged for.
Because its a change in the service provided, are we entitled to cancel the contract? I have been with them for 11 years, and I get a new phone/contract every year. I will stay with them (not using delivery reports of course), but wish to finish the contract so that I can get a new handset sooner if I should wish to, instead of having to wait til November.
Having just got off the phone with a rather abrubt, shaprp tongued Orange adviser, I have been told that I cant terminate the contract early because of the change. Was he correct?

For those of you on Orange who use Delivery Reports, did you know you are now being charged for them? Will you continue to use them even though they are chargeable now? They are 1p each plus VAT, and thats an extra £8.22 on my latest Bill!

  johndrew 14:26 19 Apr 2006

I would have thought that any change to any part of the contract that was imposed was cause for the ability to terminate unless the contract specifically permits such changes. After all a contract works both ways and ties both supplier and customer to the rules contained in it.

You may like to examine the contract for any clause which permits Orange to change the terms, conditions and/or charges without your specific agreement. I can imagine you may well find something they can use or rely on as a defence.

In the event you do find something then they would be correct in enforcing the contract and changes/charges made. However, if you speak with a supervisor and express your unhappiness and intent to change supplier you may get a result of sorts. Can but try.

  Prof Jones 16:05 19 Apr 2006

Sorry to say if you look in the small print Orange can change how they provide you your service, however you can not cancel your contract with Orange if they change something.

You sign up for a certain period and thats it, if you break it before hand then orange can take legal action against you.

  SG Atlantis® 16:07 19 Apr 2006

...and I thought you were going to ask was the fruit named after the colour or the colour named after fruit?... never mind, someone asked me that the other day. ?-/

Your stuck in your contract I'm afraid. Plenty of providers increase or change terms and we have to abide by it. One is Sky TV, they love hiking up prices!

  spuds 16:48 19 Apr 2006

" however you can not cancel your contract with Orange if they change something".

What nonsense, never heard of the Unfair Contracts Law!.

Contracts are legal binding at the time of signature, and either party cannot suddenly decide that the contract is not in their favour, and then rewrite the contract.

  oresome 18:36 19 Apr 2006

I tend to agree with spuds.

You should be given prior notice and the opportunity to decline their ammendment.

  Woolwell 23:01 19 Apr 2006

The charge for text delivery only applies to new contracts. They are bringing in 4 new schemes named after animals. If you are an old scheme then you are not charged for text delivery reports. I have just checked this information by ringing Orange.

  Woolwell 23:02 19 Apr 2006

End of day should have typed
"If you are on an old scheme"

  Tazfan 12:48 20 Apr 2006

Woolwell, my contract isnt new. It is my tenth with them I think, and has been in place since November. There were no charges for delivery reports on the bill before my last one, but my latest one has an 8.22 charge for them.
I would like to finish the contract but stay with them, free to get a new phone sooner than November. They will not be losing out on a customer. However, the fact that they are being unmovable is making me think that maybe it is time to change provider.

  Woolwell 13:03 20 Apr 2006


I will have this checked out but will have to wait until Monday when my contact at Orange is available.
My wife's bill arrived today without delivery report charges.

  Skills 14:44 20 Apr 2006

Does this affect PAYG phones or just contracts?

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