optical wiring by whom

  [email protected] 16:08 16 Jul 2008

BT have had the majority of the full line responsibility since nationalisation but amazingly they have never bothered to upgrade the lines which service our homes
Are they going to opt out now they are sharing line rental with others or what do you think they should do since they have been taking our money for years providing 21st century service for all?

  Chris the Ancient 16:31 16 Jul 2008

Would have been better in Speakers' Corner?

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  Forum Editor 17:32 16 Jul 2008

just that.

  wiz-king 17:46 16 Jul 2008

If you mean the 'last mile' from the exchanges to houses then it would be a massive undertaking to upgrade. BT have concentrated on the trunk cables between exchanges and between cities, that gives more 'gain' per £ spent.
I wish they would upgrade the cable I am on as it will only give me 1Mb/s at best (after a dry week) but I can envisage the cost of 10km of cable to approx 2000 subscribers would be rather high.

  spuds 18:02 16 Jul 2008

Reading all the media reports have made me very jealous. I have been trying to get my ISP and BT OpenReach to change a 40 year old 'frost-bitten' 2 strand solid copper cable outside my home. Sorry no can do,is the response, its within limits :O(

  [email protected] 18:04 16 Jul 2008

Thanks Chris & FE
wiz xing.Are you assuming that BT have spent all our money and are skint now Do you consider that we should have 21st century appreciation or do you woefully accept that consumers come last

  wiz-king 18:57 16 Jul 2008

No, but I have worked in the telecoms industry and know that until about 10 years ago there was not the demand for anything more than a telephone network based on twisted copper wire. BT would have had no reason to replace the old paper insulated cables until then, they were quite able to cope with ISDN when that came in. Our industry would not and still is not able to produce all the cable whether optical or copper needed to replace all of the 'last mile' in a short time period, we do not have the engineers to replace miles of cabling in copper let alone optical cable. Not only would every street have to be re-cabled but every subscriber would have to have a new 'main socket' if they switched to optical.
BT have wisely upgraded the trunk cables and exchanges first.

  [email protected] 19:26 16 Jul 2008

Strange It is over 20 years or so optic cables were being installed for all outdoor shows by BT engineers

  interzone55 20:51 16 Jul 2008

What's you're point?

Fibre Optic cable is very expensive, but BT are about to install it from the exchanges to the cabinets in the streets, this will give most people faster ADSL speeds.

If they wanted to go further and run fibre to our houses it would be an astonishingly expensive undertaking, as they would have to dig up every road and every path to get it to the houses, because you can't string fibre from telegraph poles, it's not strong enough. Then they'd have to install a new box in every house.

At the end of the day, why should they go that expense when they no longer have the monopoly on the "last mile".

Sorry pal, if you've an axe to grind then contact BT direct.
click here

  [email protected] 07:16 17 Jul 2008

alan 14
I have no axes not into that lol my point is that fibre optic is the next generation forward and has been on the go for lots of years but out in the sticks like all Northerners we are last on everybodies lists. No chance of competitive gaming we are stuck at up to 8mb with copper wire Promises allegedly made when fibre optic started with loads of publicity does not happen up North It is just about a miracle that nearly all people can now have broadband. NB nearly all

  interzone55 08:45 17 Jul 2008

It's not happening anywhere at the moment, so don't just think it's the North that's affected.

I have a friend who lives 4 miles outside central London, in a house that's only 5 years old, but he's got a very patchy 1mbs service.

BT have just announced that they will, by 2012, lay fibre to all street cabinets, and additionally to the door of all new housing developments. That's the best they can do with the funding available...

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