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  rickf 14:48 11 Jun 2014

I have had a quote for boarding up my loft with plater board including one wall where the chimney is and a side wall from an extension. The floor which is already partially laid with chip board will be completed in the quite. The quote is £2500. Is this a bit too much? Will get a second quote but your initial opinions are appreciated.

  bumpkin 15:09 11 Jun 2014

Too many unknowns to really comment. What size, Any insulation to be done, any actual plastering, where you live etc and I can give a fair opinion on cost.

  rickf 15:17 11 Jun 2014

Hi bumkin (size)=3 bedroom semi. No insulation and no plastering just boarding. Location Oxford.

  Aitchbee 15:24 11 Jun 2014

Having watched BBC's Homes Under The Hammer for yonks ... loft conversions usually come in around £5k - 15k on average ... but this involves turning the loft into a living-space. The job that you describe will cost considerably less, if all that you require is a storage space. £2k sounds about right, to me.

  rickf 15:44 11 Jun 2014

I thought £2k is about right but he wants £2.5k. Thats a huge difference!

  bumpkin 16:06 11 Jun 2014

rickf, Oxford is an expensive area so £2500 does not sound way out but as you say get another quote. Unless somebody can actually see what is required then we are only guessing in the dark.

  bumpkin 16:10 11 Jun 2014

Let us know when you get other quotes please, this sort of thing interests me. Sometimes they are very close and other times wildly different.

  spuds 16:17 11 Jun 2014

I would try to get at least two quotes from recommended tradespeople, if possible.

Over the past few years, I have had a number of jobs done, which I regarded as rather expensive. Materials can cost very little for some projects, its the time and labour costs that soon mount up. Try pricing the materials from a Wickes or Travis Perkins list, and that should perhaps give you some ideas.

Surprisingly £500 isn't a big difference in the building trade, especially if the work is estimated, and not fixed price. Personally I would say £2.000 to £2500 would be about right on an area covering 3 bedrooms, if the job is done right?.

  bumpkin 16:18 11 Jun 2014

From a more lighthearted way of looking for builders. Imagine a triangle with the sides labelled "Good" "Cheap" and "Available" you can pick any 2 of them.

  spuds 16:19 11 Jun 2014


You forgot "will they turn up" :O)

  bumpkin 16:40 11 Jun 2014

Yeah, I was going to put reliable instead of available originally :-)

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