Open Source Software advantages and dis-advantages

  markackers 22:49 07 Jun 2005

What are the advantages and dis-advantages of using open source software?
How do you edit open source software?

  Dennis Goycoolea 01:01 08 Jun 2005

"What are the advantages and dis-advantages of using open source software?"

If you are intested, a good start would be the classic book on Open Source development: Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar". He discusses two software development styles, and in particular talks about the development of fetchmail (a mail retrieval and forwarding utility), Raymond's Open Source project.

There is more to it than that, of course. You can read it here: click here

"How do you edit open source software?"

You have the source code. I would start by opening it in a pager or an editor and looking at it...


  DieSse 11:30 10 Jun 2005

I can't honestly say there are any advantages or disadvantages in USING it, as a class of software.

As with proprietary software, some is good and some is bad, and some is just OKish.

Some argue that support may be better with open source - but then it's more diffuse, so sometimes difficult to get a grip on.

Editing software means you have to know how to write software, and have a good understanding of the structure and aims of the software involved - and how it interfaces into related software.

With respect, if you have to ask that question, then you need to start learning how to write software first - and that's not a short term project.

  Simsy 13:15 10 Jun 2005

of using it, if my understanding is correct, is that it's ALWAYS free to use.

There is also software that is free to use that isn't open source, so the advantage mentioned above is mitigated.



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