Open Office 2.0 - Huge Improvements?

  Pesala 16:05 08 Apr 2005

I just installed Open Office 2.0 Beta. It is a bigger download than before - about 84 Mbytes instead of 60 Mbytes. However, first impressions are excellent.

It has had a facelift, so looks much more like other Windows programs, and so it is easier to find menu items. It also loads faster, much faster if you enable the quick loader. Even without that it is taking five seconds to load instead of fifteen or twenty seconds.

Is anybody else using this yet? What other improvements have you noticed?

  Pesala 16:12 08 Apr 2005

It just as slow as ever after a cold reboot. Still looking better though.

  mbp 18:07 08 Apr 2005

Great! What is the Word Processor like? Does it have a Grammar Checker?

  Belatucadrus 01:26 09 Apr 2005

No grammar check that I can see, but as stated it's much more Office like in appearance and less likely to scare off Microsoft devotees. I've not done anything with it yet, but the database is much more like Access and far easier to get to grips with than the Adabas style offering in the old version.
That said while the new interface will suit Microsoft fans, it's sufficiently different to Star and the previous OpenOffice that it's going to take some getting used to for people who already use its predecessors.

  Simsy 11:07 10 Apr 2005

of something this month.

I've tried it, to test for compatibility with MS Word.

I have to say that in this respect it is certainly better than before. In a recent test that I did, (less than 2 weeks ago), my test document was a 4 page MS word doc that contained about 6 graphics of various sizes, with various formatting, in terms of text wrapping etc.

The order of success was a follows, best first;

602suite (Almost perfect)

OOfice 1.1 (Almost, but not quite as good as 602)

Abilty Office version 4 (poor grahics alignment)

Having now tried the new OOfice, I have to say that the reproduction was EXACTLY as the original.

I agree it's still very slow to open.



  Belatucadrus 13:28 10 Apr 2005

Needs at least 128Mb RAM, so older systems would probably be wise to stick with V1. But when you consider that a database enabled version of Office is likely to set you back a couple of hundred, the price of another memory stick looks pretty good.

  mbp 16:17 10 Apr 2005

Thanks Belatucadrus for the update.

  Pesala 23:19 10 Apr 2005

I had a go at recording macros and trying to customize the keyboard in Open Office 2. I succeed before, but failed this time. It could really do with a simpler way to assign keyboard shortcuts like in MS Office.

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