Oops - found a hard-drive?

  wiz-king 06:50 10 Oct 2008

MoD contractor seems to have lost one click here
Guess what -- data not encrypted.

  Seth Haniel 08:03 10 Oct 2008

and one basket - spring to mind

  peter99co 09:37 10 Oct 2008

Has HP recently had dealings with EDS? I thought that a lot of jobs had been lost as a result.

  tullie 09:51 10 Oct 2008

Its EDS thats the problem,as they have been on several occasions,dont blame the MOD.

  Cymro. 13:20 10 Oct 2008

I dare say that this sort of thing has always gone on. If it were not hard drives then it would be paper files or such like. It just so happened that someone lost a laptop some time ago, on what was probably a slow news day and the press jumped on the storey.

Government agencies just like their civilian equivalents have always lost things. That does not justify its happening, but we are all human and loose things from time to time. It has always been so and probably always will.

  lofty29 14:23 10 Oct 2008

Their best bet is buy up all the hard drives for sale on ebay

  Cymro. 14:26 10 Oct 2008

If that was done just imagine some of the things you would come up with.

  Odeono 14:54 10 Oct 2008

I used to work in the Department for Work and Pensions DWP. Outsourcing the IT department and then removing onsite IT personnel led to complete chaos for days at a time. Losing DATA from hardware should be impossible due to hardware encryption which would be simple for a competent IT company to implement but going for lowest bidder means always hiring incompetants.

  tullie 14:59 10 Oct 2008

If you think like that what if you let your wife drive your car,and she had an accident?Is it your fault?

  jack 17:09 10 Oct 2008

In it were 10 standard hard drives all of 1.8 g/byte.
On each one was an army training manual on various topics.
These stories go on and on- will presumable continue to do so.

  peter99co 18:27 10 Oct 2008

click here

Another big loss!

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