Oops! Argos Double Billing Killing

  24/7 15:55 29 Oct 2008

Thats going to look good for them isnt it,not sure why they cant sort it straight away..??

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  crosstrainer 16:00 29 Oct 2008

"It may take several day's for the money to appear in customers accounts" ?

Hmm, whats the interest on several million pounds?

  interzone55 16:07 29 Oct 2008

Once Argos refund the money - which happened immediately - it takes the same amount of time to go back in the account as it does to come out.

If you spend on a credit card it takes up to 3 or 4 days for the money to hit the retailers merchant account - so the same time scale happens in reverse...

  ventanas 16:34 29 Oct 2008

I think what matters most is that, if it was a significant purchase using a debit card, then the cardholders account may have gone into the red through no fault of their own. It will be interesting to see what the attitude of Argos is to this happening.

  lofty29 16:38 29 Oct 2008

It might take 3 or4 days to reach the retailers but often goes from the persons account the same day

  interzone55 17:14 29 Oct 2008

Yes, you're right and I realised my mistake when I re-read it after posting - how I wish we had an edit button - or even a post preview option like the the good old Register comments pages.

As for Ventanas, I would hope that any person who can prove they've been pushed into the red because of this will either get their fees waived by the bank, or refunded by Argos. I can't see Argos refusing to do this if the customer can prove this was the case.

My gym once took everyone's subs a week early, they offered to refund my overdraft fee because they took the money the day before payday, but I phoned the bank & they waived the fee anyway...

  Si_L 17:29 29 Oct 2008

I had fees waived by my bank when I went into the red because a magazine subscription (think it was FourFourTwo) took money out too soon. They were fine when I explained the situation.

  spuds 18:48 29 Oct 2008

Its interesting to see how the banks waived the fees. But it might pay to check and see if the action taken by the bank had been noted on your account for perhaps future reference. Next time you want any fees waiving, it might not be a simple procedure ;o(

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