Only in cinemas.... and DVD?

  lee_robinson1983 11:27 05 May 2006

I'm probably being a bit sad but has anyone else noticed how when films are being released in cinemas, on the trailer or poster it says "only in cinemas" then (surprise, surprise) a few months later it's out on DVD?

The latest example that I can remember being King Kong. It doesn't say this on every film, just a few. A shrewd marketing ploy to tap into the subconcious I think...

  keith-236134 13:04 05 May 2006

Nothing wrong with that.

  SG Atlantis® 18:55 05 May 2006

"Only in cinemas" is a valid claim when the film is just released as it's not any where else but the cinema.

It's kind of like stating the obvious isn't it.

  Totally-braindead 19:03 05 May 2006

Have to agree with SG Atlantis® it is rather obvious that at the time its at the cinema its not available on DVD. So the claim is valid at the time. It may come out on DVD 3 months or 6 months after its been at the cinema but I can't see why you think its a marketing ploy.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:15 05 May 2006

stating the obvious...and you are not forced to buy the DVD or go to the film.


  VideoSentry 14:34 06 May 2006

Many of the film companies will release ealier than before,to try and pre-empt the countefeiters.

  amonra 15:26 06 May 2006

If the film is any good the producers will hang on to it and keep it on the big screen If it turns out to be a load of c**p (which a lot of them are) then they release it to the DVD market to squeeze a few more bucks out of us suckers.

  spuds 20:34 06 May 2006

"only in cinemas", never as been. If its a blockbuster, then you can bet a counterfeit copy is ready in the making. Years ago, it was the guy in the next seat with his cini-camera :o)

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