Only 100 days to the Olympics

  Graham* 23:01 18 Apr 2012

I don't know about you, but I'm getting rather worked up about it all. I just know as the big day looms, I won't be able to sleep at night.

  Condom 23:04 18 Apr 2012

I wouldn't worry about it as I hear that the synchronised swimming will allow you to sleep during the games :-)

  algerian petra. 23:27 18 Apr 2012

Will the television coverage interfere with cash in the attic and bargain hunt?

Hope not.

Hope they put it on bbc2 and the red button

  wiz-king 06:16 19 Apr 2012

I hope the weather is nice - so I can get out to avoid it!

  Chegs ®™ 08:04 19 Apr 2012

Are they going to televise the Olympics? I do hope so as it'll save me a fortune in electricity as I'll never turn the TV on,& if the weathers nice,I'll never be at home.

  john bunyan 09:09 19 Apr 2012

I usually watch the semis and finals of the athletic events. In my view the Olympics should be radically reduced back to as near as possible the original track and field athletics, and World Championships substituted for other sports - cycling, swimming, sailing etc. The addition of synchronised swimming,beach volley ball - as skilful as they may be - has made a bit of a farce of "The Olympics". The costs for the host countries are out of proportion to the benefits due to the scale of it all. I wish those keen on it , and our competitors all the best, however.

  Brumas 09:20 19 Apr 2012

john bunyan, I agree with you. BMX cycling, what next, limbo dancing and the egg and spoon race?

  carver 10:14 19 Apr 2012

Brumas , "limbo dancing and the egg and spoon race?" please do not make jests like that.

Limbo dancing was judged as being unfair to any body who is over weight and the egg and spoon was dismissed after animal right activists deemed it to be cruel to unborn chickens.

  morddwyd 10:21 19 Apr 2012

I hope the Olympics don't mean that cooking and antiques programmes are interfered with.

There's not many of them on as it is!

  Brumas 10:26 19 Apr 2012

carver, I'll consider my wrists slapped having made that low down paltry remark ;o}

  Quickbeam 10:53 19 Apr 2012

Don't knock Olympic BMX, it's a very skilled sport. As a cycling event, it's every bit as competitive and exciting as any of the other bicycle disciplines.

It's not really my thing, but I appreciate the dedication and skill of the riders.

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