Onlookers goad boy to jump

  Legolas 18:58 01 Oct 2008

Just seen on the news click here
that a 17 year old boy was on the top of a multi storey car park on Saturday in Derby, as the young guy paced about on the roof contemplating jumping a crowd gathered below, according to a police spokesman, a sizeable minority were shouting at the young guy encouraging him to jump. I can only echo the words of one police spokesman when he said this behaviour made him feel sad and disgusted. Says it all really.

The police and others could not coax the young guy down and he jumped to his death, incredible sad.

  Forum Editor 19:20 01 Oct 2008

who have no sense of altruism, or anything remotely resembling an understanding of what it's like to consider another person's point of view. Feeling compassion doesn't enter their heads, in fact they probably don't know what the word means.

These people live for themselves, and care little for much than gratifying their own desires. They move through life taking, but rarely giving, and the merest hint that they might put themselves out to help someone else, just for the sake of it, evokes the response "Why should I?" They are the people who sling food wrappers from speeding cars, break saplings in the streets, vandalise anything in sight, and vomit all over the pavement outside the local curry house on a Saturday night.

No doubt they were the people calling "Go on then, jump" as this boy contemplated suicide. I would like to think that they will be tormented by the thought that in the end he did jump, and that he died needlessly, but that won't happen - they'll probably sniggered to each other over a few pints afterwards.

  Legolas 19:33 01 Oct 2008

Very very sadly I agree

  mammak 19:47 01 Oct 2008

Words fail me, how can anyone be so cruel?

  190119 13:12 02 Oct 2008

One of the most accurate statements I have seen on these forums, I agree 100% with your comments, and what a sad reflection of modern society.

  Picklefactory 13:21 02 Oct 2008

I also agree entirely, and echo the thoughts that all too sadly, those worthless creatures you describe so accurately, are multiplying significantly and, in my opinion, are becoming less of a minority. What depresses me even more, is that I can't see how the trend can now be reversed.
The world would not miss piles of dross like those.

  interzone55 15:45 02 Oct 2008

Having twice seen the mess created by a falling human, once from 10 floors, and once from 21 floors, I would have trouble believing that individuals can be so callous as to urge someone to jump.

But I've also witnessed people acting in just this way, unfortunately this lead to a person falling to their death from the top of a 10 story car park.

The same situation exists on certain websites that deal with suicides, and in the same vein, sites devoted to eating disorders, where members urge each other on to eat less & less - overcome the tyranny of food etc.

Unfortunately there are lots of people like this, who are unable to show empathy towards others. Interestingly one of the defining traits of Psychopathy is a "callous lack of empathy"...

  spuds 23:38 02 Oct 2008

Reports since this incident took place seems to suggest that the boys parent's had notified the police after finding a possible suicide note. It was also stated that some of the spectators were taking pictures of the incident on camera, including close-ups of the body. No doubt this will end up on YouTube or something similar.

alan14,without sounding gruesome, I am surprised regarding mess. I have also witnessed two 'high building' falls, and neither of these were a mess. The bodies tend to be relaxed, unless of course, they hit objects on the way down. I have also find that when someone is in a certain frame of mind, stating Jump or Don't Jump or other words can sometimes become very confusing, and could possibly lead to the same thing (I apologise to anyone who was offended by that remark)

  interzone55 08:46 03 Oct 2008

I was trying to find a word that wasn't gruesome or ghoulish, mess seemed to be the least offensive word that came to mind.
The remains weren't bloody, but broken due to the uneven paved surface.

  peter99co 15:17 04 Oct 2008

They should be ashamed of themselves!

click here

  Legolas 15:39 04 Oct 2008

Thanks for he excellent link. The article puts all better than I ever could.

Whatever way you look at this it was a tragedy for the young man and all who knew him, and in a wider sense it was a tragedy for our so called 'civilized' society. I am sure had a similar situation arose in days gone by anyone heard goading or encouraging someone to jump would have been dealt with by those around them.

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