online gaming abuse from players

  MJS WARLORD 17:02 25 Aug 2018

Whist playing online games I have made friends with a lot of people I know I will never meet and I have also made a lot of enemies.

I call these players keyboard hero's because they hide behind their gear. I have put messages in games chat saying things like " just for fun what country is everyone in and how old is everyone". From the replies I get , the keyboard hero's are not all youngsters some are adults who should know better.

In extreme cases I have sent screenshots of abuse to games makers but they never do anything.

Dota2 is one of the biggest games around but I only used it for about a week. The players who use this game HATE noobs with a passion , if you make 1 silly mistake the abuse is unbelievable almost to the point that if the abusers met you on the street they would probably want to kill you for real. I had to stop using the game because the abuse wound me up so much I just wanted to smash my gear. BTW I am not a mardy teenager I am 63 years old and been a gamer since 1982.

So my question to you all is what games have you received abuse on , what was said if it is printable on here and what did you do about it.

  wee eddie 18:00 25 Aug 2018

Warlord: We get those folk here, now and again. There is a small band who pass their Id's to our Moderator, aka FE, and he sorts them out.

The problem you have come across is common on Un-moderated Games, Forums and Chat Rooms. They think that they're smart.

  Menzie 18:18 25 Aug 2018

I don't play online for that very reason. My PC is for single player experiences while my games consoles are ferried to friend's houses or in my living room for offline multiplayer fun.

The last game I took online was Left for Dead 2 and it wasn't a good experience. Essentially every five seconds a popup appeared because someone playing wanted another player kicked out of the game for any little error. Rather than enjoy the experience and play together.

Online multiplayer isn't for me, never has been and never will be.

  [DELETED] 20:16 25 Aug 2018

This problem isn't just for gaming online. It's universal on a lot of sites. Years ago I would be riled up but now I'm calm and laugh it off. MJS WARLORD as a man of your age I would purposely go back to the game, Dota2 you said, and give the 'haters' apoplexy by continuously doing 'dumb' things and having a laugh about it. Surely you can do that with your life's experience? It's only a game for you so give 'em hell :) They'll be too thick to know that someone is taking the mickey of them anyway. Have fun on their misery!

  Aitchbee 23:44 25 Aug 2018

Anyway, back on subject [nearly]. MJS mentioned his online 'friends'.

i cannot understand how one can be friends with someone that one has never meet personally. it's a total illusion. just my opinion.

  [DELETED] 23:48 25 Aug 2018

Aitchbee you've not made 'friends' on this site?

  Aitchbee 23:56 25 Aug 2018

rdave13, no.

i only divulge really personal matters to trusted real humans. [friends]

i know that everything online is virtual.

i hope you can recognize the difference.

  [DELETED] 00:22 26 Aug 2018

rdave13, no.

i only divulge really personal matters to trusted real humans. [friends]

i know that everything online is virtual.

i hope you can recognize the difference.

What? Some long ago posters here have gone and their families have taken the effort to to say a thank you to this forum about the community here and members have been allowed to publish their condolences. So don't rattle on about virtuality as this site is just a messenger service in essence to try and help members who have difficulties with their PCs.

I have long standing forum members here that I accept as 'friends' albeit communicating via text.

  Aitchbee 00:33 26 Aug 2018

rdave13, i respect your opinion.

  Aitchbee 00:36 26 Aug 2018

'don't rattle on' - that's a good 'un. LOL!!!!!

  Old Deuteronomy 10:46 26 Aug 2018

Only just got to this thread so, may be a bit late. Just thinking, most of those Dota2 playing keyboard warriors, without a keyboard and internet to hide behind, would be too scared to say boo to a goose. Easy to throw out the insults when the target of their abuse is likely not even in the same country.

I play MMORPG fantasy games, like World of Warcraft. The community in such games tends not to be so bad and any idiots I just set to ignore and carry on playing.

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