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  harps1h 00:27 27 Apr 2005

has anybody been insulted either racially or because of their nationality. i ask this because whilst on a server of COD i play under my with Northern ireland in brackets. i do this because i like to know where people are from out of curiosity and it's nice when other people indentify that they are also from here.

however last night whilst playing away another player kept team killing me and when asked why he told me i was an irish (sounds like) trucker. he was eventually kicked from the server but it made me think. why do people immediately think that i was a terrorist because of where i am from. it doesn't matter to me where they are from or what religion people are i take them as i find them. bigotry breeds due to either lack of intelligence or lack of education and is fatal as a combination. but this other player did not know me or anything about me but he still felt the need or indeed that he had the right to abuse me and it did disturb me greatly to the extent that i logged off shortly afterwards.

is it only me or has anybody else suffered this or seen it happen?

a very sad harps1h :-(

  [email protected]@ 00:38 27 Apr 2005

I know it's not easy but best try to forget this biggot,otherwise he will be the winner.

You have my sympathies for what they are worth.

  Kev.Ifty 01:25 27 Apr 2005

The Internet is full of.... "egigts" and "Gorbeans" (i think thats how you spell it!)

You leave yourself open to abuse to all sorts of people if you provide even the slightest bit of personal info.

Ignore the individual concerned.

I've seen a forum for Asian people to discuss local issues, which has just become a medium to insult and breed hatred!!

If your Irish... Be proud ;-) click here


  picklsey 04:49 27 Apr 2005


sorry to here of this,but it happens to much now it,s happened to me in the past i never let it bother me i usually feel sorry for the person who just can,t wait to show every one how thick they are.

just ignore the idiots.

  Dan the Doctus 06:11 27 Apr 2005

You'll always get idiots like this on the net. I used to use Yahoo chat rooms as I thought they were a good idea - there were ones for politics, ones for computing etc - but they were nearly all full of swearing, racism, fascism, you name it. I was insulted for being English and others were insulted for being American, German, Asian...

Don't take it personally, I certainly didn't. This is why a Moderator is important, and you've probably seen that even on this forum there is occasional abuse but they are dealt with, in the same way the idiot was.

Unfortunately, there's little more that can be done and the best thing in future would probably be to not show your details. This is what I tend to do these days.

So cheer up, you're certainly not alone :)

  bosmere 10:04 27 Apr 2005

harps1h I guess that's how many Muslims feel in this country now.

One of the problems with 'political correctness' is that it hides underlying racism etc. and then it becomes a problem to deal with.

Let the bigots have their say and then we'll know who to quarantine (like any nasty virus).

  Pooke100 10:27 27 Apr 2005

I can relate to that, although not online. Curiously where abouts are ya? I'm just outside Belfast (Newtownabbey). This guy that said that is a moron and there's sadly plenty more like him.

Kind Regards


  [email protected] 15:45 27 Apr 2005

Although I've never had much abuse personally (apart from being I'm not very good in a not very polite way), I have seen it happen plenty of times.

It annoys me mainly that people can do this and get away with it because their identity is hidden behind the computer and all they are to you is a name on your screen.

Like everyone else suggests, I would just forget about it. All it does is prove who is the lesser person...

  harps1h 19:30 27 Apr 2005

i'm from dollingstown, 1 mile from lurgan on the moira side of town

  harps1h 19:33 27 Apr 2005

what i took offense at most was the generalisation of this idiots assumption. i have friends from both sides of our divided community and i hold them all in equal regard and they are all far more worthy than any bigot who would try to persuade me otherwise

  Kate B 19:57 27 Apr 2005

I play World of Warcraft and I'm sometimes astonished by the lack of basic manners people display online and in-game. I haven't seen any specific example of racist or sexist abuse but i've seen fantastic rudeness on the chat channels when a new player innocently asks for help. The response can be anything from an exasperated "go and look at Thotbot" (not very helpful to a new player who probably doesn't know that Thotbot is an extraordinary online resource setting out all the quests, loot, equipment etc) to things along the line of "Shut up idiot". Not nice.

The net provides a home for all sorts of people - nice ones, nasty ones, literate ones, illiterate ones, racist ones, paragons of reason ones ... I guess you just have to ignore the rubbish and focus on the good stuff.

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