Is one word enough?

  Sapins 11:49 14 Jan 2005

My wife and I have had to renew our passports and before we sent in the forms a sent a polite e-mail to the British Embassy in Paris asking if we could put both applications in the same envelope. I carefully checked the spelling and grammar and sent it off not expecting a reply within a few days, however the reply came back within 2 hours!

It just said "yes" No dear sir or madam, no address nothing. This is the shortest e-mail I have ever received. Is this the way forward in replying to mail, I must admit it took me by surprise as I have always tried to observe the niceties of correspondence.

  Sethhaniel 12:36 14 Jan 2005

you might have just got a Y ;)

  Sapins 12:55 14 Jan 2005


  €dstowe 13:24 14 Jan 2005

Be grateful they didn't say no and then send a load of bumph about the tenuous reasons why it wasn't OK:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:28 14 Jan 2005

Why waste time. The answer is perfectly reasonable and logical.


  Kate B 16:28 14 Jan 2005

Crikey, that's terse - and very rude. I guess with people you know you can get away with that kind of response but I think it's as important to be polite in any form of communication, written, old-skool paper, electronic or verbal.

One of the cultural things I really applaud about email is that it encourages everyone to write - which as a journalist I think is wonderful. Even if it's just updating friends on the weekend plans, writing as a form of communication is an invaluable skill.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:31 14 Jan 2005

...I fail to see how a reply of 'yes' can be rude. Saying 'Dear Baboon Face, you smell, your offspring have the countenances of warthogs and the answer to your gormless question is yes', is rude.


  Cook2 16:58 14 Jan 2005


  Cook2 16:59 14 Jan 2005

Er, my answer was to Sapins NOT GANDALF <|:-)>.

  Belatucadrus 17:18 14 Jan 2005

If 'yes' is unsigned and then proves to be incorrect, presumably the answer is non attributable and nobody can be held responsible. However the important thing considering modern education is that it was spelled correctly !
Putting Dear Sir on is probably elitist and bourgeois and frowned on by new labour.

  octal 17:18 14 Jan 2005

I always thought of emails as short notes from one party to another, so quite often recipients in our organisation will get one word answers from me e.g. yes, no, tomorrow, OK, the same as I receive from them. Its not rude, its just brevity.

Although in this instance they could have put 'regards' at the end :-)

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