One that will rattle a few cages.

  Cymro. 14:36 11 Apr 2011

link text

Do you think it is right that the French are trying to stop women from keeping their faces covered in public places?

  Woolwell 14:42 11 Apr 2011

It was discussed when it was proposed a year agoBurha ban forum

  tullie 14:42 11 Apr 2011

Thats up to them,old news isent it?

  Housten 15:03 11 Apr 2011

YES!! If anyone wanys/wishes/just does live in any country they should live by the laws of that country. If they want the law changed then they should get a majority to agree with them, NOT decide to ignore the law just they do not agree with it. Although the people in Westminster are such craven cowards that - in this country - whoever shouts/screams loudest gets done what they want, NOT the majority.

  Nontek 15:27 11 Apr 2011

Yes I do think the French are right! A pity our own feeble Government will never do the same! Just let any Western woman walk about in any clothing deemed 'unfit' in any Eastern country, then see the locals' reactions - and hear the prison doors clang shut!!

  al's left peg 17:07 11 Apr 2011

It's been reported that the French public on the whole support this action taken by their government so I agree with it.

The Muslim community will not support it due to the fact their religious beliefs far outweigh any law of a land. It's a brave but correct step by the French and one I would like to see taken by more governments in the EU.

  Nontek 18:14 11 Apr 2011

al's left peg

The way Muslims dress has nothing to do with their religion!

  userious? 18:49 11 Apr 2011

YES!!!! but it will never happen here, mustn't upset anyone.....

  Forum Editor 18:59 11 Apr 2011


"The way Muslims dress has nothing to do with their religion!"

I don't know where you got that from, but you're wrong.

The Qur'an instructs Muslim women (and men) to "dress modestly". Over time that has been interpreted as requiring women - when in public - to dress in a way that doesn't invite men to see them as sexual objects. In other words they must not wear clothes which accentuate their body shape. Different Muslim scholars have had differing views on what constitutes 'proper' dress for a woman in public, and lots of people (me included) take the view that sometimes it has less to do with religious observance and more to do with male domination of women. That may be what you referred to, but it's wrong to say it has nothing to with religion.

  Legolas 19:09 11 Apr 2011

"Do you think it is right that the French are trying to stop women from keeping their faces covered in public"

depends how good looking she is :)

  DippyGirl 21:41 11 Apr 2011

French (republic) tend to shoot from the hip...a year or so they banned all religious symbols from schools inc. crucifixes (one of Europes's iggest catholic countries?) Seems to be very much of the moment ... next week all will be as last week France = France. They tolerate and embrace, they're diverse - but France is and always will be French

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