one for White Truck Man !!!!!

  al's left peg 18:57 18 Mar 2010
  carver 19:30 18 Mar 2010

Hope that was a film stunt.

  Kevscar1 19:40 18 Mar 2010

No it was for real on the A1. Driver not injured.

  peter99co 20:33 18 Mar 2010
  jack 22:27 18 Mar 2010

Bet the Clio needed new tyres if nothing else.

  peter99co 22:57 18 Mar 2010

We will all need flags on the roof top if drivers are blind to such cars.

I saw it happen once when a Reliant Robin drove across the front of a lorry at a junction while the driver was looking the opposite way. Bent it a bit!

I hope they tell us how the car got there in the first place.

  MAJ 23:12 18 Mar 2010

Lorry driver was probably on his mobile phone, most of them would need surgery to remove the mobiles from their lugholes.

  Quickbeam 08:06 19 Mar 2010

Something doesn't seem right, why is there no debris or sparks flying? The tyres would be off the rims in seconds at that speed leaving a shower of sparks, and the drag would require a full throttle effort to maintain the speed. And for such a straight line to be maintained...?

It looks like a clever setup to me.

  interzone55 12:49 19 Mar 2010

It seems real, from the BBC link the police confirm they did attend the scene at the time of the incident, and "A spokesman from Arclid Transport said: "There was an incident between a car and one of our vehicles in January. Since seeing the footage from YouTube we are investigating."

  Labdweller 14:13 19 Mar 2010

You've been watching too many movies :) If this was Hollywood, the Clio would've blown up several junctions ago.

It's quite amazing how effortlessly the lorry seems to push the car along, but I guess the goods that it usually hauls around is a few times heavier than a Clio which probably weighs less than a tonne. The ground also seems wet and the car's tyres are facing the wrong way so it is probably lacking some grip?

I'm wondering if the driver of the car attempted to get out of the situation in any way? e.g. horn?

  Monoux 15:49 19 Mar 2010

"I'm wondering if the driver of the car attempted to get out of the situation in any way? e.g. horn?"

Perhaps they were too busy trying to clean up the mess they were sitting in :o)

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