One space too much

  Diemmess 15:32 26 Jul 2004

This is trivial really, but is one more example of an occasion when it is better to think about a problem, rather than get steamed up over error messages.

I occasionally download MP3, and had two tracks to convert (using Audacity) to .wav files.

Both tracks played via media player on double click. One loaded into Audacity and was exported to another folder.

The second would not open in Audacity and the laconic error message was "can't open file OK?"

I tried saving-as, from media player and this time the message was grim......."Windows system error file copy error 1062" (or something like that)

Looking (My Computer) at both files in detail I saw they were almost the same size, and correctly attributed as .mp3.

Then I noticed they were not in alphabetical order..... In both the artist was Yanni, the errant one with first letter Y preceded all the others in the list after the folders.

Selected Rename and sure enough there was one space before the Y in the weird file. Deleted that space - now everything behaves!

Computers are logical, but who says they aren't spiteful.

  watchful 13:46 28 Jul 2004

I say they aren't spiteful - just sensitive.

  Diemmess 16:21 28 Jul 2004

but seriously, things are now so complex that anomalies do crop up in complete compliance with Murphy's Law.

Why for instance did Media Player accept a leading space, when even Windows refused to copy the file. Trimming away leading zeros or null characters is still an important part of many data based applications.

Not 'spiteful' perahps, but there must be a word for it?

  watchful 17:41 28 Jul 2004


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