"one simply does not do it"

  microcoder 22:34 17 Jan 2007

Quote "I must admit I have yet to come across a forum where the discussing of the happenings on another forum IS allowed

one simply does not do it".

Interesting link and could be totally unrelated! click here

I am unhappy in the way that new members are blamed for everything that the old clan does not agree with.

  Kate B 22:39 17 Jan 2007

It's very poor forum etiquette to discuss another forum, particularly an offshoot, in any forum. Some actively forbid it, particularly the big commercial ones. It's not a matter of an "old clan", it's basic good online manners.

  p;3 22:48 17 Jan 2007

your link is, actually, unrelated; as you may have seen on here, members (self included) have requested for others to see if they can open a web site or URL somewhere that they are having problems with ; if the pca web site (or any other)IS 'off line 'for me or others , it is helpful and in order to ask others if they too cannot access that site. but NOT for critisism OF that site; merely that that site cannot be opened

(of interest, if you care to look further on that site you have linked to, you will notice it has been commented on that seeking help to open a url IS acceptable but NOT to comment or criticise about what is ON that url or web page)

  Nellie2 23:06 17 Jan 2007

*It's not a matter of an "old clan", it's basic good online manners.*

Well said KateB :-)

  chocolate cake 23:34 17 Jan 2007

Unspoken rules huh? Am I in breach for helping people with ZA problems by directing them to their user forum?

This is not an attempt at sarcasm, merely an attempt to explain that I am relatively new to forums and would like clarification please.

  Kate B 23:37 17 Jan 2007

No, that's not a problem, chocolate cake, what is a problem is when spats from one forum are dragged into another, particularly if one forum is an offshoot or splinter of another.

  chocolate cake 23:38 17 Jan 2007

Cheers. that's a weight off.

  p;3 23:47 17 Jan 2007

if you wish to direct anyone to any site that you think might help them , then that is OK and welcomed , but to criticise a web site for forum is NOT

many of us link people to adaware , and spybot sites for instance to help them with those programs but NOT to crtiticise what is on those sites

  chocolate cake 00:00 18 Jan 2007

Me mam allus sed t'me " never hang yer dotty washing in public"

  p;3 00:07 18 Jan 2007

and on that dotty note me is off to sort out me computer(courtesy of norton ) and me project

  rezeeg 08:15 18 Jan 2007

Kate B, even if it's only to highlight the hypocrisy of a poster?

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