One for the radio hams.

  Toneman 19:09 20 Jun 2012

I'm sure there are one or two of you out you remember in the good old days when we used to be able to send orders for "wireless" components to suppliers for things like one or two resistors, a couple "condensers", two or three transistors, etc. I recall Premier Radio was one, I made a lot of purchases with them. To get to the point, I am toying with making up a simple servo controller to run a servo motor driving a level crossing barrier on my layout. I have a circuit which should make up on copper strip board. Is there anywhere I might purchase a set of the components I need, other than individually on fleabay? Probably not in this day and age, but thought I might ask.

  Toneman 10:15 21 Jun 2012

Thanks everyone, I'm not familiar with Farnell, will look them up.

  spuds 11:07 21 Jun 2012

If you contact or place an order with which is Farnell, you will find that they will send you quite a bit of regular mailings. If you do go ahead with any sales, check the coding on the items in each recent issues, because it can make a big difference in pricing. If the coding offer is discontinued, the checkout will tell you.

One good thing about CPV/Farnell, if you stop ordering from them, the mailing eventually stops. I have had many dealing with them, and found them very good if you select the right item at the right price including fast delivery.

  Toneman 11:14 21 Jun 2012

spuds Thanks, I've bookmarked your link to browse them later.

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