One Person, One Vote?

  morddwyd 20:32 18 Dec 2011

The new leader of the Scottish labour Party has been elected, just like the Westminster version, thanks to the block vote of the trade unions (though at least the Parliamentary Party agreed with them this time) over the heads of the ordinary paid up party members, who wanted somebody else..

What sort of a democratic party is it where somebody like me, a trade union member who happens to live in Scotland, but who is not a Scot and has never been to a union meeting in his life, is counted just the same the bloke down the road who, for every Westminster, Holyrood or local election, is out on the road in all weathers whipping up support for his beloved party?

I know that with the electoral college system it is not quite as simple as this, but it still surely isn't right?

  Aitchbee 21:46 18 Dec 2011

The new elected leader of the labour party in Scotland, whoever it is, will have a job to topple Salmond...a charismatic, well-liked politician.

  morddwyd 04:36 19 Dec 2011

She's already been announced - Johann Lamont, with Anas Sarwar as her deputy.


  canarieslover 13:13 19 Dec 2011

It has always amazed me that block votes by union are an acceptable way of voting. Despite trade unions aligning themselves with Labour there are still quite a large percentage of members who do not vote Labour individually, so in effect that block vote includes these people. I know when I was working there were members of the union who were Conservative, Liberal, Communist and British Nationalists. Surely the better way of block voting would be for each M.P. to have a block vote equal to the number of votes they received at the last election. At least these would be relevant to that party.

  morddwyd 17:40 19 Dec 2011

I can remember the old cartoon about a TUC meeting

"Right, that's 2,750,000 for tea, 4,000,000 for goffee and Angela's 7,000,000 for lemon tea. Lemon tea it is then"!

  morddwyd 07:53 20 Dec 2011


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