This one is not going to be like that.

  oresome 09:50 11 Jul 2018

Normally Nato summits are mostly fixed in advance, and proceed in an orderly fashion.

At this one Trump tells it how he sees it and says the Germans have an inappropriate relationship with the Russians and spend too little on defence.

What ever else you say about him, he certainly shakes things up.


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  Aitchbee 12:06 11 Jul 2018

Mrs May has 'stepped right up' in response and only today reported that 450 troops will be sent to Afghanistan to help with Nato duties.

  canarieslover 19:49 12 Jul 2018

I certainly agree with the man that we can't expect the Americans to cover our backsides all the time while we are happy to just provide 'token' assistance. Even throughout Europe the contributions aren't evenly distributed. If we want to be able to defend ourselves properly then we must be prepared to pay for it.

  alanrwood 09:00 13 Jul 2018

This is probably the only thing I agree with Trump about. Most European members don't spend the 2% of GDP that is agreed between NATO members. It is simply unfair to the rest of us who do.

  SweetPotatoes 12:33 27 Jul 2018

This might get to worst I guess.

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