One man, No vote

  Grey Goo 10:07 09 Jul 2008

Observed McBottle on the news last evening berating the "Illegitimate Government of Zimbabwe" OK fair enough the voting was rigged, however these comments are coming from someone who never was voted for at all.

  spuds 10:35 09 Jul 2008

Thats politics for you ;o)

  medicine hat 13:22 09 Jul 2008

didn't his constituents vote for him?

  Grey Goo 15:14 09 Jul 2008

Not to be PM.

  DieSse 15:21 09 Jul 2008

As you may have noticed, in the UK, no-one ever votes to appoint a Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is simply the head of the party that has enough seats to form a Government - usually this means the party with an overall majority.

  jakimo 15:25 09 Jul 2008

There is a lot of questions being asked as to what type of democracy is being run in the UK...could it be a Scottish version

  Forum Editor 15:44 09 Jul 2008

understanding what possible connection there could be between Mugabe of Zimbabwe and a UK Prime Minister.

No Prime Minister is ever voted for in this country.

  Stuartli 15:48 09 Jul 2008

Perfectly correct. But Brown was never elected leader of the party, as he and his aides made sure that no one stood against him in a potential leadership contest.

  badgery 15:48 09 Jul 2008

What amazes me is how so many people simply don't understand our Parliamentary system.

  Bingalau 15:54 09 Jul 2008

badgery. I'm given to understand by some forumites that it's more of an exclusive club for fat cats etc. But I hope they are wrong.

  DieSse 16:10 09 Jul 2008

" one stood against him in a potential leadership contest."

That's called being elected unopposed. You can't seriously think anyone else would have won?

And I'm very far from being a Brown fan - quite the reverse in fact.

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