One Eyed Drivers

  morddwyd 16:47 17 Mar 2010

No, not the usual one headlight brigade, but genuinely one eyed.

I have seen a driver on several occasions with patch over one eye.

Is this allowed? Presumably if you can read a number plate at 20 metres, even with just one eye, you have met the criterion for the driving test.

Must make perspective a bit difficult though.

I remember having to wear a patch for a week or so when I was a youngster, and having a hell of a job coming down steps/stairs.

  BT 17:00 17 Mar 2010

When applying for your driving licence from the DVLA you should let them know if you have:

Any visual condition which affects both eyes (not including short or long sight or colour blindness)

Any visual condition which affects your sight (not including short or long sight or colour blindness) eg if you have sight in one eye only

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  sunnystaines 17:44 17 Mar 2010

one eye is ok but hemianopia is not

  PeteJ 18:06 17 Mar 2010

My wife lost the sight in her left eye when she was invololved in terrible motorbike accident when she was 19.

After the accident, she passed her driving test successfuly with sight in one eye only, she has never been refused motor insurance (although she does have to inform the Ins. co.) and has been driving now for about 40 years without any incident.

She does pay extra attention at junctions when looking left and right with a more pronounced swing of the head but apart from that... no problems.

The body adjusts to it over time. It's more difficult when you have to temporarily wear an eye patch.

  jakimo 18:22 17 Mar 2010

I know someone who for twenty years have had tunnel vision in both eyes to such a degree that if anyone is standing next to her she is not aware of them.

Regular tests at the local eye hospital have never deterred her from driving eight-ten thousand miles per year, her doctor has never suggested she give up driving or mentioned informing the DVLA of her condition.

  Kevscar1 19:30 17 Mar 2010

Thats Ok unless she has an accident, if it comes out then her insurance company would be within their rights to invalidate her policy as she has not complied with the law.

  peter99co 19:49 17 Mar 2010

My friend when riding a bike hit someone on a pedestrian crossing at slow speed luckily. He had an eye test and discovered he had tunnel vision. He did not know and thought his vision was the same as everyone else.

He did his national service in the pioneer corps because his eyesight was not up to standard. His IQ was very high and he finished up as an instructor in the photographic unit.

He passed his driving test easily and still drives, all his working life without an accident.

  JYPX 22:03 17 Mar 2010

There are thousands of drivers on the road right now with some sort of neck injury which prevents them from glancing in any of their three rear view mirrors. What makes them even more dangerous is that they drive cars with non functioning indicators.
Careful drivers with sight in only one eye are fine with me.

  spuds 00:05 18 Mar 2010

I know our local hospital's eye clinic always tells and provides written instructions to people, not to drive after treatment, and especially so if an eye cover is used.

The same applies to people who have had plaster cast for fractures.

  onionskin 00:34 18 Mar 2010

My brother-in-law has been driving for 40 yrs with a glass eye. In that time, he's never had an accident, he's never seen one either.

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