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With one day to go before the EU referendum

  Forum Editor 10:15 16 Apr 2016

I'm wondering if you have decided which way you'll be voting.

I'm not asking you to disclose which way you'll vote, although you're welcome to do so, if you wish. What I'm interested in is whether or not you have made up your mind, or whether you're undecided.

If you are still not sure, have you found that any information you've seen or heard has been helpful, or do you instinctively dismiss most of it as part of the inevitable posturing of those politicians and business leaders who have vested interests in the UK either staying in the EU or exiting?

It would be good if we can avoid diatribes against the government and/or EU mandarins - we've seen more than enough of that already. Your personal feelings about how you set about deciding are what I'm after, rather than your political leanings.

My own situation is that I'm wavering. I thought I knew exactly what we should do, but over the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of thinking, and now I readily admit to not yet being 100% certain about how I'll vote.

  bumpkin 13:42 25 Jun 2016


This really strange, when I click on your 23:42 24 Jun 16 link it brings up the picture of Kersey, the subject of IL/TP 1593 !!!

I had the same, thought it was some kind of cryptic message for the chosen few:-)

  Forum Editor 14:31 25 Jun 2016

I started this thread to get a sense of how people were thinking of voting in the referendum.

Now that the result is known, there's little point in letting it drift off into other topics, and as it's already 94 pages long so I'm going to lock it.

I'm sure there will be quite a few threads concerning our EU exit strategy over the coming months.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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