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With one day to go before the EU referendum

  Forum Editor 10:15 16 Apr 2016

I'm wondering if you have decided which way you'll be voting.

I'm not asking you to disclose which way you'll vote, although you're welcome to do so, if you wish. What I'm interested in is whether or not you have made up your mind, or whether you're undecided.

If you are still not sure, have you found that any information you've seen or heard has been helpful, or do you instinctively dismiss most of it as part of the inevitable posturing of those politicians and business leaders who have vested interests in the UK either staying in the EU or exiting?

It would be good if we can avoid diatribes against the government and/or EU mandarins - we've seen more than enough of that already. Your personal feelings about how you set about deciding are what I'm after, rather than your political leanings.

My own situation is that I'm wavering. I thought I knew exactly what we should do, but over the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of thinking, and now I readily admit to not yet being 100% certain about how I'll vote.

  wee eddie 13:37 20 Apr 2016

No Toneman, I was just commenting on the fallacy in Boris's statement

  Forum Editor 14:05 20 Apr 2016

Commercial organisations, whether in this country or abroad, are there to sell products and services at a profit, and consumers are there to buy them.

European companies will continue to trade with us if we decide to leave the EU, and European citizens will continue to want to buy from us -it is quite ridiculous for anyone to suggest otherwise.

Market forces will continue to operate, and tariff barriers may well become an issue, but no more so than they are for other nations whose companies trade successfully into the EU.

My own view is that in the minds of many millions of UK voters, immigration control is a far more important issue, in fact it's the central issue in this referendum.

  Flak999 14:57 20 Apr 2016

"My own view is that in the minds of many millions of UK voters, immigration control is a far more important issue, in fact it's the central issue in this referendum."

Absolutely FE all of the rest is just froth and nonsense. Immigration and control of our borders is where this referendum will be decided, it's the single most important issue facing this country, bar none!

  Ungus 15:40 20 Apr 2016

Some parts of these islands need to have a healthy intake of young migrants instead of old retired people or communities will die and business will suffer. I am fully aware in some parts there are major problems with being able to provide service for migrants but governments can't just ignore some parts simply for the benefit of others. Like it or lump it we are all Europeans and have benefited from being part of the union in workers rights trade and cooperation in many ways, true uk does not always get its own way but being in a union of over 20 independent countries involves losing some sovereignty to get cooperation and reach common goals I find the sovereignty argument sometimes a little bit hard to take especially when not long ago I was told by many politicians that my place place in Europe was secure. I hope that this will still be the case after June and the many benefits and improvements that EU membership has brought will continue. One point that does not get a straight answer on securing borders is will Uk still have an open border with the Republic which is a EU country, as a regular visitor i have friends and familly north and south a closed border will be incredibly inconvenient and bad for busuness.

  morddwyd 16:16 20 Apr 2016

Will the border with Ireland remain open?

No reason why it shouldn't be just about as open as it is now. They are not in Schengen, while Norway is, and the border between Norway and Sweden, for instance, for other purposes, remains fairly open.

Whether we have to have desk at Heathrow for non British instead of non EU is hardly one of the major points of in/out.

  Forum Editor 16:27 20 Apr 2016


The single most important issue bar none facing this country is its economy - that isn't "just froth and nonsense". Immigration is important, but it doesn't outweigh everything else, as you seem to think.

  Flak999 16:28 20 Apr 2016


"Like it or lump it we are all Europeans"

Speak for yourself, I'm English! Europe isn't a nation state, it's a continental land mass of which we form no part!

Last time I looked we were an island, separated from Europe by the English channel. I want no part of the European superstate espoused by Germany!

  Flak999 16:31 20 Apr 2016

Forum Editor

"Immigration is important, but it doesn't outweigh everything else, as you seem to think."

Sorry to disagree, but in my opinion and in the opinion of millions of others, it does!

  daz60 17:31 20 Apr 2016

Millions agree because their blinkers have been put on by the press,we control our borders as ineffectual as it may be.The migrant crisis is the public face of an EU or even global failure to address fully and honestly the issues of poverty,terror and economic mismanagement in a number of places and will Brexit resolve the issue of internal migrants after all the free movement of goods,services and PEOPLE is the central consruct of economic union irrespective of political union.

  john bunyan 17:31 20 Apr 2016


Can I ask a couple of questions, should the "Out" side win ? !(NB if they do I will abide by the decision and do my best to live in the new environment. I hope the "Out" people will also accept a "Remain" vote and not keep on about it).

  1. If you look at our history we have never seriously controlled immigration; just look at Leicester, Leeds, Southall, Tower Hamlets etc. The people concerned came in not due to the EU at all, and increase organically by marrying from their historic root countries. What is your answer? I simply do not believe that any government can fully control immigration.
  2. If we leave the EU,how do you propose to police the Irish (EU) border, and, indeed, should Scotland vote in future to be independent and want to join the EU, what about that border?
  3. What about all the potato pickers etc - UK folk seem to have no appetite for many jobs done by immigrants. The NHS would collapse without the foreign workers. 4 What about UK people living in the EU (pensions, health care etc?) I worked for 10 years in Holland , and many UK people live and work in EU countries. 5 The £ will drop heavily so $ based stuff like oil will shoot up in price; inflation will rise, all borrowing will cost more.
  4. If we leave , we will still have to abide by EU regulations regarding exports to them, and maybe have to pay for free trade.

I am not yet decided, but , as I say, will abide by the vote - will You?

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