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With one day to go before the EU referendum

  Forum Editor 10:15 16 Apr 2016

I'm wondering if you have decided which way you'll be voting.

I'm not asking you to disclose which way you'll vote, although you're welcome to do so, if you wish. What I'm interested in is whether or not you have made up your mind, or whether you're undecided.

If you are still not sure, have you found that any information you've seen or heard has been helpful, or do you instinctively dismiss most of it as part of the inevitable posturing of those politicians and business leaders who have vested interests in the UK either staying in the EU or exiting?

It would be good if we can avoid diatribes against the government and/or EU mandarins - we've seen more than enough of that already. Your personal feelings about how you set about deciding are what I'm after, rather than your political leanings.

My own situation is that I'm wavering. I thought I knew exactly what we should do, but over the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of thinking, and now I readily admit to not yet being 100% certain about how I'll vote.

  bumpkin 22:16 18 Apr 2016

The numbers are checked and verified by a number of reputable, independent bodies

No such creatures.

  Flak999 22:19 18 Apr 2016

"Regardless of which way it goes, there will be an aftermath........ These things will not be forgotten, scores will be settled."

There will be indeed, the blood-letting will be a wonder to behold! The referendum result will just be the beginning!

  bumpkin 22:21 18 Apr 2016

The referendum result will just be the beginning!

The beginning of what?

  Quickbeam 06:34 19 Apr 2016


  morddwyd 09:36 19 Apr 2016

People[reached much the same after our referendum, but life goes on much the same!

  Quickbeam 10:04 19 Apr 2016

But nothing changed morddwyd.

Had you voted for out, it would be a boiling cauldron of frenzied negotiation north of the new border control!

And would possibly result in us almost certainly voting to retain the status quo to avoid the grief that we see going on up your way...

  LastChip 11:58 19 Apr 2016

The truth is, no one knows what the future holds, whether we stay in or out. If they did, they'd be multi-billionaires.

The government figures released yesterday under a fanfare, are pie in the sky. An estimate of what may happen and given the Treasury's track record of projections, I wouldn't hold my breath on it being anywhere near correct. Trying to project 14 years in advance is a mugs game. They can't even get the next 12 months right, as indeed they've been wrong for years about the nations deficit.

For Cameron and Osborne to claim these figures as some sort of truth, is a lie.

Any decent businessman will tell you, projections are a best guess based on current trends. Next month, (even next week), it could all change.

The "in" people suggest there will be no change. But that's not guaranteed either. Apparently there's a mass of legislation just waiting to come on line after the vote. I wonder why they're delaying it? If it were in our favour, you'd think they'd publish it now, to give the "in" camp a boost.

Am I sceptical? You bet, and you should be too.

  hssutton 12:28 19 Apr 2016

Apparently hidden in Osbourne's/Treasurers report is that they expect an increase in immigration by 3 million according to a report in the Mail. Osborne's 3million migrants clanger: enter link description here

  john bunyan 13:12 19 Apr 2016

If one looks at the big ethnic blocks of immigration other than the EU , such as the Afro Caribbeans, the Pakistani and Indian diasporas , there are millions who the UK has encouraged, or allowed to come here, quite outside the EU. Surely this proves that the argument about controlling immigration is not clear - cut.

  Forum Editor 16:46 19 Apr 2016

john bunyan

The Commonwealth immigrants acts of 1962/1968/1971 restricted the previous immigration rights granted to Commonwealth citizens, mainly because of Conservative government action.

Since then, various legislative instruments have affected the rights that were previously granted to Commonwealth citizens.

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