With one day to go before the EU referendum

  Forum Editor 10:15 16 Apr 2016

I'm wondering if you have decided which way you'll be voting.

I'm not asking you to disclose which way you'll vote, although you're welcome to do so, if you wish. What I'm interested in is whether or not you have made up your mind, or whether you're undecided.

If you are still not sure, have you found that any information you've seen or heard has been helpful, or do you instinctively dismiss most of it as part of the inevitable posturing of those politicians and business leaders who have vested interests in the UK either staying in the EU or exiting?

It would be good if we can avoid diatribes against the government and/or EU mandarins - we've seen more than enough of that already. Your personal feelings about how you set about deciding are what I'm after, rather than your political leanings.

My own situation is that I'm wavering. I thought I knew exactly what we should do, but over the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of thinking, and now I readily admit to not yet being 100% certain about how I'll vote.

  morddwyd 19:03 22 Apr 2016

Might have been meant as a warning, but it came across as more like a threat to me.

  daz60 19:03 22 Apr 2016

If we vote in, it'll be another 40 years 'til the next one.

I doubt there will be another referendum,full political union will happen and if we vote in then it is inevitable that we become part of the Federated States of Europe.

Obama is engaging in the carrot and stick routine,he mentioned the USA EU trade deal,the real reason he is here is to cajole the EU into ratifying that deal,so the carrot,stay in the EU help get this deal signed and glory shall be your riches if not then the stick,back of the queue,wait your turn for the crumbs.

  Quickbeam 19:59 22 Apr 2016

hssutton/daz60: Splendid counter scares...

I stopped listening to most opinions, in or out, because they are just biased waffle with no real substance depending on which way the author wishes to scare us!

Can anyone give me a credible out reason without it relying on hoping for the best...?

  daz60 20:33 22 Apr 2016

The treasury published a credible reason for expecting the worst so maybe read this as a credible reason for "hoping for the best".A phased exit strategy,brexit,click on the flexcit and download a 421 page pdf outlining their view.

All anybody can do is give an opinion,one persons reason for remaining may be anothers persons reason for leaving,either side is hoping for the best.

  hssutton 20:35 22 Apr 2016

My main reason is so we will not be ruled by Germany. We have massive trade deficit with the rest of Europe, so why would we want to be in a one sided relationship and virtually no say in what happens, as we will almost certainly be outvoted on what we want. Just look at the piece of paper Cameron brought back with him, apparently it's totally worthless, just like the piece of paper that Chamberlain brought home. Not sure if this will interest anyone

UK is on the losing side most in the EU Council

  Aitchbee 20:57 22 Apr 2016

Obama's 'End of queue' threat must have been 'stage managed' [by Dave] 'cos the yanks use the word 'line' and not the Q word.

  Quickbeam 22:04 22 Apr 2016

hssutton/daz60: You've both managed to provide links to sites that rival Channel 24/7 Paint Dry!

But I did flip through them both, they are still very much the same as the current either sides usual production of favourable counter statistical sites.

I've still not had a convincing argument for either in or out. The simple fact is that OUT will bring a great unknown, and IN will maintain a known dislike.

  Quickbeam 22:30 22 Apr 2016


I think it was a realistic comment, but delivered in an credibly clumsy way judging by how the OUT xenophobes are flinging it around the social media circus as a personal threat against Britain from Uncle Sam!

  hssutton 22:33 22 Apr 2016

Spider My youngest son phoned earlier to tell me the blackmail threat may have backfired as a number of his 'Tough Mudders' friends have now said they will vote Brexit, prior to Obama's threat they were remainers. Only time will tell what effect he has had. I've been a member of an American photo forum for well over 14 years so I posted Obama's blackmail threat, will not get any replies until Saturday. I think it will be interesting what my American friends have to say

  Quickbeam 22:42 22 Apr 2016

"Blackmail threat" It's amazing how some wish to interpret to their desired bias...

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