One billion affected by Yahoo hack

  lotvic 22:54 14 Dec 2016

breaking news. Yahoo has said more than one billion user accounts may have been affected in a hacking attack dating back to 2013. bbc news Click Here

  wee eddie 23:01 14 Dec 2016

Considering the amount of time that has passed since this hack occurred.

Changing your Password now, is slightly along the lines of "Closing the Stable Door after the Horse has bolted".

Particularly as many of us changed our Password after the last hack which succeeded the one mentioned here.

  Quickbeam 05:11 15 Dec 2016

How many Yahoo users will they lose out of the one billion I wonder?

  Forum Editor 08:33 15 Dec 2016

The really worrying aspect of this disclosure is the fact that nobody at Yahoo knew anything about it until law enforcement agencies told the company.

It's all about money - Yahoo's security people wanted to introduce newer, more robust data protection measures but they were apparently blocked by senior executives on grounds of cost.

I fear the business will pay a very heavy price now - far greater than what it might have cost to prevent the incident in the first place.

  wee eddie 09:40 15 Dec 2016

Well, at least the Senior Execs got their Bonuses!

  morddwyd 10:35 15 Dec 2016

Just had my warning e-mail this norning.

Another user name and password change.

I don't think yahoo will lose too many, though I will admit to greater use of my Gmail account; I think most will wait and see if the proposed Verizon take over goes ahead and what difference it makes.

  QuizMan 10:32 16 Dec 2016

Another user name and password change

I have no plans to change mine again. As wee eddie intimates, many of us changed it on the previous occasion which post-dates this latest revelation.

It is all extremely worrying. If Yahoo either failed to spot it or suppressed it, what is to say that other providers are not in the same boat? I suppose we just have to have faith with a large dollop of caution added. I am kind of locked into Yahoo because of its association with Sky, but I am slowly switching everything over to G-mail. However, over the years, it is amazing how many people and companies have my e-mail.

  Pine Man 11:00 16 Dec 2016


I also use Sky and never use Yahoo BUT, and I stand to be corrected, by the very nature of belonging to Sky you already have an email account with Yahoo by default and that account uses the same password as the one you use to log into the Sky web site.

I don't know of any way of removing that information from the Yahoo database or opting out of your Sky email being connected to Yahoo - if it is at all possible.

  wee eddie 11:57 16 Dec 2016

It has been acknowledged that the Banks have been hiding Fraud for years, so as not to damage confidence in their Security, apparently.

So, one has to assume that other businesses operate on the same basis

  QuizMan 19:54 16 Dec 2016

Pine Man Thanks but I am aware that Sky uses Yahoo. The point I was trying to make was that I changed my password following the previous notification of a hack. As this latest revelation pre-dates the other one, I see no point in changing again. Whilst I won't cancel my Sky e-mail altogether I can at least go through the process of making my G-mail account the default for as many contacts as possible.

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