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Olympics Opening Ceremony

  hssutton 22:30 27 Jul 2012

So what did you think of it? Well my daughter enjoyed it

  QuizMan 17:59 28 Jul 2012

I was there. Well, not actually in the stadium. I am one of the many volunteer staff at the Olympic Park. I was working at the entrance gates loading bags onto the x-ray machines. Think of me as the unpaid equivalent of G4S. The atmosphere was terrific even just as the public were arriving.

My shift finished at 8:30 p.m. We were not allowed to hang around (spoil sports) so I went home and got back by 10:00 to see the last 2 hours on TV. The bit I saw was mostly enjoyable. The entrance of the teams always tends to drag on, but it is an essential part of the ceremony and the lighting of the cauldron was inspired theatre. Great stuff.

  Aitchbee 18:44 28 Jul 2012

Lidl are doin' 'The Lounge Lizard's Guide To French' at £2.99...2 CD's and a little booklet...Ce sera tout. Merci.

  Quickbeam 18:51 28 Jul 2012

Chronus "And what lesson might that be pray tell?"

Well Bingalau did mention counting chickens too soon, and I mentioned to not to accept the poisoned challis of high expectation on some other thread. The whole world also wants the medals that we think should be ours. They're not anyone's until they're won, and they're anyone's for the taking.

  Quickbeam 18:52 28 Jul 2012

WTM, go on, admit it, it went well:)

  Quickbeam 18:56 28 Jul 2012

Poor old Macca, no gold in the cupboard for him anymore:(

I did like the IOC president for acknowledging Britain.s lead in codifying most modern sports.

  Aitchbee 19:00 28 Jul 2012

China and USA are very hot favourites to win most medals...the other nations will struggle to win more then 5 golds.

  bremner 19:09 28 Jul 2012

I think Russia and Germany as well as GB may strongly disagree.

  Condom 19:25 28 Jul 2012

Well I decided to reflect a while before posting my thoughts. Yes it was a little too long but we've waited over 65 years to be able to do it so what is the problem? Yes it was peculiarly UK orientated and so it should have been. Commentators all around the world were given scripts telling them what every part was about so they could enlighten their own viewers just as the BBC was given a transcript of what everything in Beijing meant. Perhaps our own BBC commentators could have explained some of it a little better as there were a couple of parts that I was not sure what was happening.

The forging of the steel rings was not only unique but wonderful theatre. The stunt with the Queen and James Bond was again such original thinking as was the Mr Bean sketch. Simon Rattle who is not famed for his humour when doing things musical probably took longer to convince to doing this than the Queen.

The Olympic Flame lighting was absolutely fabulous and was by far the best I have ever seen and I've seen a few. To represent the flame in this way was an absolute triumph. The little side shows like Mary Poppins and her lookalikes popping in from above and the glowing doves circulating the arena were all part of the spectacle as were the constant drumming and the music playing which kept the whole thing "bouncing" along.

The Queen and Duke looked exhausted and probably were as they had had a very long day entertaining VIPs but I must say I was a little surprised at how little she got to say but again that was probably protocol as was the use of the French language. Also people need to remember that it is cities that are awarded the Olympic Games not countries so I have no problem with London being the focus point and in reality London has to be congratulated in opening up much of the games to other parts of the country.

As someone else has already said the live music at the end was to give time for VIPs to leave while others could leave in a slower manner. I would have thought that after seeing Macca trying to sing live at the Jubilee event alarm bells would have been ringing and perhaps they were as I'm pretty sure he started off lip syncing and there was a fault which required a quick change which he handled pretty well if few noticed.

The fireworks were lovely as usual and I wished there could have been more (as I like fireworks). From all accounts it was very well received throughout the world and the good bits will be the bits that will be remembered. One Tory MP who thought is was all lefty politics should stick to going to his right wing Nazi dress up parties as I don't really remember the days of Brunel as being much in the way leftist.

Well done everyone involved.

  Noldi 21:33 28 Jul 2012


"The world-wide audience had their own commentators, each of whom was provided with comprehensive briefing notes about what was going on, so they could explain to their viewers. It's always the same with these events - lots of people wouldn't have understood some of the Chinese ceremony without "

These notes didn't explain it well enough the questions I have had from friends across Globe today.

The man with the big black was he a poet who wrote about industrial revolution or was he a engineer ???? NHS what is that all about is it a hospital for children who have bad dreams ??? Who where the young couple dancing in the loft space ???

But apart from that all positive.


  Quickbeam 08:01 29 Jul 2012

Interesting as it was, I still wouldn't have complained if we just had a simple athlete's parade at a time that would have allowed all of them to march in without them having to worry about competing early the next morning.

An afternoon parade and opening and back to camp for tea... or would that be an austere too far?

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