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Olympics Opening Ceremony

  hssutton 22:30 27 Jul 2012

So what did you think of it? Well my daughter enjoyed it

  johndrew 10:04 28 Jul 2012

I was a little cynical about the ability of the organisers to come anywhere near the last (Beijing) opening ceremony - I was wrong to be. I watched it on TV from start to finish and found the main sections not only well orchestrated but very original.

There was a solid historical theme supported by aspects of political development plus good music from the period covered - not to mention two separate areas of well recognised humour in 007 and Rowan Atkinson. I never thought I would see HM aiding and abetting hamming it up.

Certainly both the lighting of the flame and the cauldron (if that is the correct definition) itself have never been seen before. Passing the responsibility to the next generation in the manner it was will take some beating in the future and the design, assembly and function of the cauldron was innovative.

There were some parts not to my taste but that is to be expected. Overall a world beating performance I thought.

  Aitchbee 11:22 28 Jul 2012

I hope her 'equity' card was up-to-date.

  Strawballs 12:09 28 Jul 2012

I was at work for most of it but got home about halfway through the athletes entrance but what I saw of it was very good apart from the music, I don't think the choice of The Artic Monkeys was very good (but that is only my opinion) I am in full agreement though on the subject of Macca I'm sorry he just does have the voice anymore. It was like watching one of those boxers that try to carry on too long.

  LastChip 12:23 28 Jul 2012

Macca should stick to song writing. Last nights performance (or an attempt at a performance) was appalling. Why is it people never know when to give up gracefully?

It's a shame. Once-upon-a-time he was worth seeing.

  johndrew 13:28 28 Jul 2012

I think the actual show finished with the lighting of the cauldron. The singing (or something) was to allow the dignitaries to exit unimpeded - understandably.

However, I think Rolf Harris would have done a better job than was done by Paul McCartney; as has been said above his voice has gone and so should he.

  muddypaws 13:40 28 Jul 2012

I enjoyed it, but have to admit that the Queen didn't appear to be enjoying it one bit. Not even a smile even when she spoke the few words. In fact they could have put Dame Edna in her place and nobody would have noticed the difference!

Looking onward, I may well spend the fortnight watching beach volley ball!! (:-}}

  canarieslover 14:33 28 Jul 2012

Agreed that the Queen looked bored and I'm certain that at one point she aked Phillip If he'd set the recorder for Corrie. She got no answer as Phillip seemed to be fast asleep. Must admit that there were some brilliant parts, such as the forging of the rings, but many other parts went on a bit too long. The cauldron lighting phase was a fit crowning finish to the event and it should certainly have stopped there. Real disappointments were Macca's singing and the appearance of Ali, to see that great man in that condition almost reduced me to tears.

  oresome 17:12 28 Jul 2012

I thought the opening ceremony was impressive and a credit to all concerned.

It shows the world that we can still punch above our weight.

  QuizMan 17:59 28 Jul 2012

I was there. Well, not actually in the stadium. I am one of the many volunteer staff at the Olympic Park. I was working at the entrance gates loading bags onto the x-ray machines. Think of me as the unpaid equivalent of G4S. The atmosphere was terrific even just as the public were arriving.

My shift finished at 8:30 p.m. We were not allowed to hang around (spoil sports) so I went home and got back by 10:00 to see the last 2 hours on TV. The bit I saw was mostly enjoyable. The entrance of the teams always tends to drag on, but it is an essential part of the ceremony and the lighting of the cauldron was inspired theatre. Great stuff.

  Aitchbee 18:44 28 Jul 2012

Lidl are doin' 'The Lounge Lizard's Guide To French' at £2.99...2 CD's and a little booklet...Ce sera tout. Merci.

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