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Olympics Opening Ceremony

  hssutton 22:30 27 Jul 2012

So what did you think of it? Well my daughter enjoyed it

  Aitchbee 22:36 27 Jul 2012

At first I wasn't sure...after I got the 'message' of the whole caboodle I thoroughly laughed and enjoyed was GREAT...I am now watching the nations' parade.

  Forum Editor 00:55 28 Jul 2012

I thought the ceremony was superb - something to be proud of instead of the whining and pretentious negativity that seems to pervade any thread on the subject of the games.

Some people seem to take a delight in pretending that they have no pride in what their country can do when we put our minds to it. I have no time for that attitude - they're the people who let others do all the work, while they sit back and grumble.

  Quickbeam 00:58 28 Jul 2012

It was the first time I've ever watch a whole opening ceremony, that must be 'cause I got sucked into the hype of who would light the big Ronson.

And who would have thought that we would give the world a pantomime featuring IKB, Emily Pankhurst and Mary Poppins!

It was in fact really quite good, but I do feel that Mr Bean's mime caught the mood somewhat of the length of it...

  Quickbeam 01:10 28 Jul 2012

Oh God... they're at it again FE!

  Quickbeam 01:11 28 Jul 2012

Ah, but roll on the actual events tomorrow:)

  Forum Editor 01:18 28 Jul 2012


Every word of your post reeks of you having a massive chip on your shoulder. I wouldn't mind betting that if someone said to you 'Nice day, isn't it?' you would respond with 'it'll probably rain later'.

We're hosting the Olympic Games, and if tonight's opening was anything to go by we're going to make an excellent job of it. I don't consider it a waste of public funds, and as a Londoner I'm one of the people who are paying for most of it.

  Forum Editor 01:19 28 Jul 2012


I agree, on both counts.

  LastChip 01:20 28 Jul 2012

I have to say, I was hoping for something better. I do not share others enthusiasm and thought the whole start of it was boring and messy. I suspect others around the world will be left wondering what it was all about and after all, we are talking about a world-wide audience.

The were however touches of brilliance. The three outstanding for me, were Mr Bean, the inference of the Queen parachuting into the stadium (and all credit to Her Majesty for playing along) and the lighting of the cauldron, which really was very special.

My assessment; could do better and I really was hoping they would.

Ten maybe fifteen minutes of brilliance in three and a half hours, is not exactly world class entertainment.

  Forum Editor 01:28 28 Jul 2012

"My assessment; could do better and I really was hoping they would".

A friend of mine was in the stadium with his girlfriend, who is a lip-reader. She said that during the Great Ormond Street section Michell Obama said to her husband 'this is magnificent'.

  Forum Editor 01:36 28 Jul 2012


"You also seem to be so stuck up London you are blind to the rest of the country and its people."

I'm Welsh, and one of my brothers still lives there, I visit him regularly. I have close friends in Ireland, and visit them, too. For several years I lived in Yorkshire, and I spent a year working in Newcastle. One of my daughters works in Bristol, and I visit her often.

I see plenty of the country and its people, and they don't all spend their time moaning about how hard done by they are, and how the fat-cat bankers are the cause of all our problems. Plenty of people all over the country have a positive attitude, and don't go on and on about how everything is London-based. It isn't, by the way, but it's the capital city, and the country's financial centre. Parliament is based in London, it's bound to be in the news more often than other cities.

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